Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Well Behaved

Mason was very well behaved in the cath lab this morning. Meaning......... no unexpected episodes like last time!! The pressures in his heart look great. They are lower than his cath 10 days ago (biopsy 1), and in a very healthy normal range. The echo after his cath also showed that the leak in his tricuspid valve is very mild and less than cath 1 as well. Both are good signs for having stopped the rejection! Although, we won't know what the biopsy shows until later tonight.

Mason's case is being talked about right now in a a transplant team conference. They are setting up the plan of action if his rejection has not been significantly lessened by the treatments he's received over the last 10 days, as well as a plan of action if it has lessened but will still need follow up treatments. We sure are praying for the latter of the 2 plans!!!

I will update with biopsy 2 results late tonight!


Emily@Little Forever Family said...

I hope you hear good news! Mason is quite the discussed child. Gotta love the team conferences though, great minds, thinking and working together. I can think of nothing better for such a miraculous child! Anxious to hear the news!

g-ma-vicki said...

It is amazing that when you become a heart family...even your extended family suddenly follows and takes on the loving of complete
strangers. As Owen's gramma, I follow many of the other heart babies...my daughter and I discuss them and pray about them continually...I guess you'd call us loving stalkers:)..We pray for Mason continuously. I'm so glad you and my daughter Andrea will finally meet because you'll be forever friends and Stanford Miracles. Love and prayers, Owen's Gramma

cici said...

Let's all think positive. He is being blessed every minute.

Kyle and Alli said...

crossing our fingers!!

Bob and Joan said...

We liked the title of your post today. Usually when we ask our children to behave we mean just be quiet while mommy is on the phone or please finish your dinner and eat your vegetables first. Little Mason is different. Every fiber and cell of his body must aline and unite and "behave". What a good job he is doing. And you too to keep his spirits up. We continue to pray for complete compatibility!