Friday, April 9, 2010

Rocking My Baby

Today has been another good day for Mason.

Still left with 1 chest tube just to make sure there's no more drainage. Tomorrow they will take it out.

ART line removed. This is a central arterial iv line used to read blood pressure and for blood draws.

Satting 98-100% on only 1/4 liter of O2, and 95-97% 0n room air. Wow! Most likely we will be discharged on NO O2's!

Mason has loved having visits from Daddy and all his siblings today. (They will make the long drive home on Sunday.) We will miss them!!!

Finally smiled a few times today. He has been super mellow since Sunday (transplant day) and I've missed his smiles! I think he is just so tired from all he's been through.

Tomorrow Mason may be moved from the CVICU up to 3 West, the recovery steps towards discharge day. Much faster than I thought!

And my favorite part of the day.....rocking my baby. It had been 5 days since I'd held and snuggled my miracle baby Mason. Everyday this week he has lifted arms towards me to be held, and sadly I would stand next to the crib holding his hand and tell him "soon sweetheart, soon Mommy will hold you." Today with the ART line out and only 1 chest tube still in the docs decided I could hold him. So tonight, I rocked my baby to sleep. It was wonderful!

Good Night!


Stefenie said...

What a wonderful feeling it is to be able to rock your baby again after having to wait for so long. I know that feeling.

I am so happy that Mason continues doing so well in his recovery.

Saying many prayers for all of you that things continue going in the right direction and before you know it Mason will be able to go home!


Steph said...

I love this post. Been in the position of not being able to hold little ones as well. What a true blessing! You all continue in our prayers.

Caryn said...

Yeah! I just remember one of the nurses telling us how every line out was getting us closer to the door home.

Wow reading 3 West brought me back. They have telemitry and wagons up there so see if you can take Mason on walks around the hall!! Also check out the Forever Young Zone up there. If he's feeling better there are toys and stuff. And there is a couch so you can sleep there! Hopefully you won't have a roommate.

I hope you don't go to ConOps- it was so loud in there my Braden didn't sleep for three days.

Sorry for the novel- hug the cvicu nurses for me!!

Pamela Wiscombe said...

Way to go Mason. You are a champ!! Keep fighting and getting better quickly. Hang in there mom, soon you will be home again.

Ali F. said...

Such great news! Congratulations on everything going so well. It is so exciting and such a great and beautiful story.

Scott M. Roberts said...

I went on vacation and when I got back, Mason had a new heart. Congratulations!! I am so happy that things went well, and are continuing in the right direction. I think I first found your blog a few months ago when things were looking pretty grim. I am so glad that I have followed you through this journey to see this wonderful light from such a dark place a few months ago. The Lord is wonderful! thank you so much for sharing your journey with the rest of us.

Mandy Roberts
Mom to 16mth HLHS daughter in Va, and also a member of the Church.

Kimmie said...

awesome! that is always the hardest part...not being able to hold them. so glad you can now! go mason!

cici said...

Tears of joy here!

The Simmons Family said...

Stop making me cry like a baby!!! Ahhhh.. I can't take it! I'm sure holding him was absolutely wonderful for both of you!! Here's to MANY years of snuggles!!!

Jennifer said...


Deana said...

What a wonderful day! So glad to hear good news!