Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Roller Coaster

Today is turning out to be one of those "hop on the roller coaster" days!

Biopsy was canceled and postponed until later in the week due to last night's fever.

After looking at this morning's labs Dr. Bernstein (post transplant cardiologist) made the final decision to hold off on today's biopsy.

Mason's CRP level (measures possible infection in the body) is elevated (to 6,
1 or less is normal). So, now they've drawn blood cultures. Thank goodness for his PICC line, so no pokies or owies! And they just started him on an IV antibiotic, vancomycin.

On the bright side, Mason had an echo this morning and his heart function still looks excellent. Also the CRP level does not raise with rejection. So most likely Mason has picked up some kind of little infection bug, but at least no signs of rejection.

It's nap time. This roller coaster has warn us out today :) We'll chat later.


cici said...

I think little bumps are to be expected after major surgery. My son had a fever after he had a surgery also, and had the same treatment of vancomycin and then followed with diarrhea for a little while, which we found out was probably all the antibiotic. Never found out what it was, but I feel their little bodies try hard to fight anything foreign in their bodies. Even tape, sutures,etc.
I will up my prayers again for little Mason to be healed right away. No more roller coater rides for this sweet boy.

Mindi D said...

Awww bummer! I saw the picture of the roller coaster before the words came up and i was worried! Not too bad, at least his heart function looks good :) Hang in there
Hugs from all of us
*my kids (4 and 6) always ask how Libbi's friend Mason is doing, so cute:)

Kyle and Alli said...

I am glad that your doctor decided to make a cautious call today. Hopefully Mason's CRP will drop with the Vanco and the cath can be rescheduled soon. Great news about his heart function too! I bet Mason is just glad to be able to eat now! :)

The Simmons Family said...

Well, I suppose if this is the only bump in the road, then WOW!! :) I hope the Vanco works and that Mason got a full tummy after they cancelled! Get some rest!

Teresa said...

When I saw the title of your post, my heart just sank because I thought you had gotten bad results from the cath biopsy. Dang those infections, but hopefully it won't last too long, and in the end it is better that your doctor is overly cautious. They sound like an amazing team of providers there. Hang in there, get some rest (that's a joke right???) and know that so so many people are sending love and prayers your way.

Bob and Joan said...

Unfortunely, hospitals are full of sick people and disease. At the same time hospitals and all the skilled people are just what we need when part of us is sick.
We will adjust our prayers for Mason that he might be strong and quickly overcome this illness. With the prayers of the many who love him, the medications and his special blessing his little body can be strongly on track again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Summer!! I am so so happy for you guys!! I was so excited when I was over at your house yesterday and heard the good news about Mason. All of your kids were adorable telling me about their fun trip to see you and Mason and how excited they were about Mason. I will be praying for Mason's healthy recovery. What a wonderful Easter gift, truly the gift of rebirth.

The Palmers said...

I understand the rollercoaster ride. I'm glad Mason seems to be so well taken care of where he is. We'll keep him(and you) in our prayers.

Jamie said...

Bummer! Hang in there Summer. I'm sure the shear fact that his little body has been through so much is the reason for a small bump in the road. We haven't stopped praying for you guys. I got your email last night and I will just wait for you to let me know when you need the miles. 3 months is still a long time to not see your family! Mother's day would be a great time for your kids to visit...just a thought!

Caryn said...

Sorry for the bumpy ride! Did they move you to 3W anyway or are you still in CVICU? Prayers for you and Mason!

madelyn said...

You are on my heart today.

taylor said...

I will keep praying for you and mason
get some rest