Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quiet Time

After all the 'excitement' the last 8 days..........we are finally enjoying some quiet time. No true changes, which is good right now, because Mason's plan of course is a 'ONE-WAY' road to recovery from here on out!!!!

We are on day 2 of Round II's plasmapheresis and ATG or IVIg. Following the pheresis Mason gets IVIg on days 1,3, & 5 and ATG on days 2 & 4. Thankfully, last night he did not get the itchies from the IVIg. The doctor ordered for him to get benadryl and hydrocortisone not only before it this time, but every 4 hours to prevent the miserable itchies. Hopefully tonight's treatment will go just as well.

Mason also is on very high daily doses of steroids and anti-rejection meds. Basically, his immune system his being completely wiped out right now. More so than if he hadn't gone into rejection. (I think I'll be looking into purchasing a year supply of hand sanitizer and lysol wipes!!!!)

His blood pressure, heart rate, and O2 remain very stable, showing us that his body continues to tolerate all these aggressive treatments as well as the rejection hew goings through. His echo's continue to show perfect heart function! For this I couldn't feel more blessed!! What an answer to prayers of so many.

Mason is also back to his cute little self. The puffy Marshmallow Boy with the miserable fluid retention has left and given us back our Miracle Mason! He feels much much better!

There is still some fluid around his left lung but the right lung looks great. Tomorrow he will get the right chest tube (placed while in the cath lab last week) out for sure. Mason is on high flow nasal cannula since extubation on Wednesday. He is only on 40% O2 but they want to leave the high flow on for a couple more days to help give extra support to the left lung in getting the fluid off.

We HOPE for many more peaceful quiet days as Mason recovers.


Bob and Joan said...

I woke at four this morning and there was no report. Now at eight this list of good tolerance of all treatments is joyeous to hear. We will continue to pray for steady steps to recovery and a bit more comfort for our little champion, Love from India.

The Simmons Family said...

I'm love hearing about your quiet Saturday! It's great to hear SO many positives!!

Jennifer said...

I am so glad Mason isn't itchy this time around. He's so tough!

Munchkin said...

I am grateful for the report, and I am so happy to hear that things are looking up. I am so sad that I am not in Utah to help out with the kids. We will continue to Pray for our little miracle Mason.
Merrily and Scott

Emily@Little Forever Family said...

I love to hear about the quiet days. Mason is just remarkable and such a strong boy. I wished that you could have been in Utah today. There was a remarkable heart mom lunch and it was truly uplifting. Paul Cardall's mom spoke of you and how she reads your blog, following Miracle Mason's journey. We are praying that things continue to stay quiet and Mason does well. Hang in there Summer, we are pulling for you guys to get out of there!

Ryan and Hilary said...

We will be praying and fasting for you always but extra tomorrow. We pray for the treatments to work and for his little body to accept this precious gift. We missed you today at the IHH heart moms lunch. Next year we will see you there:) I'm so glad his fluid is going down, that must be so miserable for him. What a trooper!!

Stefenie said...

That is great to hear that they have ordered Mason to get some extra meds to help ward off the itchies. He deserves a bit of a break from hat.

Continuing in my prayers for Mason's treatment to work beautifully this time and when the test results come back things will be looking good.


Ali F. said...

I hope his day continues to be good, Summer! Thanks so much for the updates.

Kyle and Alli said...

Yay for quiet days!!I am so glad that Mason is not so itchy and miserable this time around...I sure hope that it is a sign that this round is really working well! We also missed seeing you at the IHH luncheon yesterday, but please know how many of us are thinking and praying for you guys right now!