Friday, April 23, 2010

Round II

The blood test results didn't come back yesterday, so I'm sorry if I left you anxiously waiting! Needless to say, I was quite anxious myself!!!

This morning the results came in and...............ROUND II will need to begin this afternoon! That being said, I will explain. Mason's antibody levels did drop but he still has a significant amount of the mean, naughty antibodies that want to reject his heart. Not the news I had hoped for, nor the docs, nor any of you for that matter. He will start the 5 day treatment again today of the plasma- pheresis followed by IVIg. We will remain in the CVICU for at least another

As I have tried to find today's sunshine after the 'not so great' antibody test results..........this is what I've found trying to peak through the clouds:

-At least the treatments killed off some of the bad antibodies.
-His echos still show perfect heart function.
-We are getting lots of Mommy & Mason time.
-We spend our days with very nice doctors and nurses.

I once heard this quote:

"Patience is trusting in God's timing"

Today this is what I will work on to help me find more sunshine!!!

Please pray with our family that ROUND II will bring better results.


The Simmons Family said...

Oh Summer... I am sorry :(. Those darn antibodies!!!!! We will continue to pray for more sunshine! Are they still planning a biopsy for Tuesday or are they pushing it back?

Looks like we'll be visiting you and Mason in CVICU.

We continue to pray!!


Sarah and Will Carver said...

Will be praying that round 2 brings AWESOME results!!!

g-ma-vicki said...

Prayers are still coming from our family and friends. Your photo of the sun's rays ready to burst from the clouds is awe-inspiring as is God's plan for us all. Your positive statements of "silver-lining" is a message to us all. You are at the best place with the greatest docs...give Mason a Gramma style hug from me. God bless your family.
Owen's Gramma VIcki

Stefenie said...

I'm very sorry to hear that the test results didn't come back like we had all hoped.

Keep up the fight. Through Him all things are possible. We just have to be patient enough to allow everything to fall into place. I have faith that everything will work itself out and that the next time they test his levels things will look improved.

You have amazing strength and I know that you will climb this mountain and conquer it.


Becca said...

We are still praying for Mason and your family every day. Round II will be the turning point! I just know it! So glad that his angel heart is handling all of this so well. Hang in there!

Pamela Wiscombe said...

We are praying for Mason to overcome the bad guys and become strong and healthy. You need to be recognized for the strength that you give Mason. Good luck.

Bob and Joan said...

Good heart function is on our side. The prayers will be often and strong for round two. Know that lots of love comes with the prayers.

Christina said...

Just wanted you to know we will keep praying for sweet Mason and the rest of your family. Sending hugs & prayers your way...

Afton said...

Your sweet son is in many hearts and prayers right now. Sounds like you are a great mom to him, just what he needs. "Who knows what miracles you can achieve when you BELIEVE!"

madelyn said...

I am praying for a better round 2. Continue to focus on the positives in each day, even when you have to search hard to find them, and know that God has already worked out the solution. May faith, hope, and love sustain you while you wait.

Keri said...

Hugs and continued prayers, Summer girl.
I love you and am sending hugs.

grandma carole said...

I have been following sweet Mason's story for some time now. I found it from Angle Gracie Girl, then Paul(Living for Eden) and Owen Simmons' blogs.
I can't even begin to tell you what a wonderful example you mothers/families are. I have nothing but love and respect for you all. Heavenly Father knew these children would need special mothers/families and He has intrusted these beautiful children to each of you. What an outstanding job you are doing.
My prayers will continue to be with you, your son and family and all other heart families out there.
I will be attending the Twin Falls Temple tomorrow and I hope you don't mind if I put Mason's and your families names on the prayer roll.

Family Scads said...

I am thrilled that Mason at least responded somewhat to the plasmapheresis. Beckham had no reaction to that or IVIG or WinRho or steroids get the point. It took months and months for his body to finally cooperate. Mason's will too!

Lots of prayers!

P.S - this is one of my favorite quotes (I used to have it on Beckham's old blog header) "To become a winner in the race for eternal life requires effort—constant work, striving, and enduring well with God’s help. But the key is that we must take it just one step at a time." Marvin J. Ashton

Quinney Family said...

We are praying for your family as well. A quote that gave me strentgh when we were in the midst of our sons heart struggles reads: FAITH makes things possible not easy. Hang in there and know that He is mindful of you and your family.
From one heart family to another.
Jennylin (mom to Bryson)

Dianne said...

Mason and your family are an inspiration to all of us. I appreciate all of your updates (Iknow it can't be easy). We will continue to pray for "Miracle Mason" and his family.

Lorena said...

I just wanted to let you know that I am deeply praying for Mason everyday.

"Blessed are the hearts that can bend, they shall never be broken"
-Albert Camus

sheila said...


Thanks for all the updates. I'm still praying for both of you.


The Ellis Family said...

We check your blog for updates daily -- You and your family are in our constant prayers! Hang in there!


The Ellis Family

Jennifer said...

I love how you look for the good in everything. You're amazing!

Praying for Miracle Mason and your family!

brooks wynn said...

Continuing to pray for Mason and your family! Especially during Round 2 of treatments. We are so happy that his 'Easter heart' is so strong and healthy. I love the pictures of Mason! He really does look great, even though he's been through so much! You are Awesome! Keep up the positive attitude & faith! We will too! Love, The Wynn's

Summer said...

Will continue to keep all of you in my prayers!