Thursday, April 15, 2010

Biopsy Day, For Real This Time!

Mason will have his biopsy today. In fact, we are just waiting for the anesthesia nurse to come get us right now. Please send some extra prayers and positive thoughts our way. I am nervous. Even more so than I was on Tuesday when he was originally scheduled.

Mason has had a rough couple of days and nights. He his very swollen, more so than just from the steroids. His electrolytes are totally out of balance and he feels lousy! The docs are trying to find the right balance of diuretics, immunosuppressants, steroids etc.

He continues with his horrible itchy skin, which is causing more irritability. Yesterday he had another IVIG treatment (to help keep the bad antibodies from returning, that the IVIG treatments had gotten rid of prior to transplant). They gave it to him over 6 hours this time instead of over 12, and he reacted to it with an itchy rash. On top of his already itchy chest/ sternum skin!! He was miserable.

Mason has cried a little too much the last two days!! This makes for a sad mommy too.

Yesterday's echo showed a slight change, which is the cause of my extra anxiety for this cath/ biopsy. His tricuspid valve is mildly leaking, which had not been until yesterday! His function is still excellent, but the valve is concerning. It could possibly be a sign of the beginnings of rejection! NO! PLEASE NO! If this is the case, then they will increase meds etc to fight off the rejection. But, it still scares me. Everything had seemed sooooo perfect! At least so it seemed!!

I will hold on to my HOPE and FAITH this day that we will get through this obstacle and all will be well with Miracles Mason's new angel Easter heart!

I will leave you with a beautiful quote from one of Mason's failthful followers:

"Lord help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that you
and I together can't handle". ~author unknown~

I will update when I have news from the biopsy.


cord said...

"I can do ALL things through CHRIST which strengtheneth me."

Phillippians 4:13


Keri said...

Mason is still in our prayers everyday, Sum. And I wish I could bring you a giant size Hogie Yogie right now.
Keep the faith, and know that I love you as well as so many, many others.

Mrs. M. said...

I pray for Mason every day. My 9 month old loves looking at the pictures of him! :) Hope everything goes well!!

Jennifer said...

Praying for you and your little guy.

cici said...

Mason is number one on my prayer list today. Poor little guy with itchy skin. Have they tried an Aveeno sponge bath? It breaks my heart to hear he has been in misery.
I hope the next few days bring a happier little boy and Mommy.

The Simmons Family said...

We continue to pray for you! I'm sure it's terrible watching him feel so irritable. What a mom wouldn't do to take it all away! Prayers for a great biopsy with minimal pain and great results.

Keep fighting buddy!

ashli said...

stay strong mason! keep up your good fight and know that prayers are being said in your behalf!

hang in there mommy! you will be lifted up!

Anonymous said...

Huge prayers from Colorado! Stay strong!