Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Love Good Days

Today has been another great day for Mason! The doctors are all very impressed with his progression! I feel so blessed and overjoyed that he is doing this well. His echo this morning showed great function still in his new sparkly heart. It seems to be such a perfect match so far, but I pray constantly that he won't experience any rejection. At least he seems to be tolerating all his anti-rejection meds okay.

They also did another ultrasound on his legs and neck looking for clots because of his mini-stroke episode last week. He does still have the clot in his right groin from the heart cath, but no more were seen(thank goodness). Thus we will continue the lovenox shots for at least 3 months. (Poor Mason and poor Mom because I have to give him the shots 2x a day once we are discharged).

Mason will probably get out his chest tubes tomorrow and one of his central lines! Then he will just have 2 central lines left! Maybe I'll be able to hold him. I sure hope so! And I keep forgetting to mention that his new heart seems to be handling his 'one healthy lung' anatomy just fine. This we are all so pleased with, for this was one of our biggest worries!

One question many people are asking is "when do you get to come?". The post-transplant team requires a 3 month recovery program before they will turn us back over to the care of Primary Children's Medical Center. Mason will have 2-3 weeks in the hospital and then the rest of his care will be mainly as an out-patient. We will stay here in Palo Alto and come to the Hospital at least 2x a week for blood draws , IV infusion treatments, and clinic visits. Then, if he has no signs of rejection during these next 3 months we will go HOME to Utah.

Wow you look good Mason!!

Below is a picture of our family Easter dinner celebrating a new beginning, a new life for our Miracle Mason. Nothing like Little Ceasers' pizza, salad, and pop(from the vending machines) for Easter dinner, and in the hospital cafeteria!!

Our Easter Miracle Celebration

Help us PAY IT FORWARD..................

This month is organ donation awareness month. Please, please, please sign up to be a donor if you haven't already.
Look at the miracle it has brought our family. Mason truly has new life because of the charitable, generous family who donated their child's heart. What if they hadn't?!!! Help us pay forward our gratitude by being a donor!

GOOD NIGHT! I'll update again tomorrow.


Hope's Blog said...

I love this update...what a great day! We have always been organ donors and I believe it is the greatest gift you can every give. I am praying for a lot more good days for all of you!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for Mason and your family. Mason looks pink and perfect! Our family continues to keep you in our prayers.

The Simmons Family said...

Summer... I can see you smiling as you write your posts!!! You are SO happy!! Mason looks AMAZING in that photo.. you can see how pink his lips are.

The Easter dinner is priceless, one you will remember forever!

Kyle and Alli said...

I love the pictures! And Easter dinner of simplicity that sounds perfect for the occasion! This sounds like another wonderful day. I can't believe he is losing his lines so quickly!! I do hope that you will get to hold him soon. Is he still sedated to keep him from pulling out his lines? I bet he will be so much more comfortable without the chest tubes. We hope and pray that today is another fabulous day!

Emily@Little Forever Family said...

I just got teary eyed. I love seeing the pictures and hearing about the miracles. I hope you can hold him soon, and I can not wait for you guys to be home together. What a special day that will be!!! But for now, we will cheer on the steps towards getting out of the hospital, mainly you being able to hold him and for him to get the chest tubes out!

Reynolds Family said...

Paul and I are so happy for you and your family-what a miracle! It's nice to see the receiving end of the transplant. Paul's brother and his wife were killed in a car accident 11 years ago and all his viable organs were donated-we felt like they blessed many lives. It's wonderful to see your prayers answered with Mason's new heart!

Jennifer said...

I had been wondering if they "hooked up" Mason's heart to one lung or two. That is awesome that he's having such great o2 levels with one lung! Go MASON!

Love your Easter dinner! :)

Hoping you get to snuggle your little guy soon!

Mindi D said...

I love the good news! Keep in coming! I hope you can hold him soon :)
Libbi's mama

Miss Ellaneous said...

Hi Summer, I have some shot advice for you, I don't know if you've already heard it or not. When you poke the needle in, poke slowly and gently. Don't jab. I know that it looks like it hurts more when you go slow, but it doesn't and it won't bruise as bad. When you push the medicine in, do this slowly as well, if you go fast it burns more and is more likely to get a tender red lump. The body doesn't get as overwhelmed with the shot if you put it in slower.

Thank you for sharing with us, and thank you for posting the pictures. Mason looks so beautiful, as does your family. Happy Easter!

His blessings, Miss E.

Jennifer said...

So great to see Mason doing so well. He looks so healthy! I hope he continues to do well and you will be with the rest of your family soon! :) keep the faith, with God all things are possible.