Sunday, April 4, 2010

So Far So Good

Mason has done really well today.

So far so good on his road to recovery from this most eventful Easter day.

The doctors are very pleased.

Sweet little guy is on about 20 different medicine pumps supporting his recovery and adjustment to his new heart.

Slowly he's starting to wake up out of his sedation. He reaches for me, still half asleep, but so confused about why Mommy can't hold him. And Oh how I wish I could!

Mason has been visited today by each of his siblings, Daddy, both grandmas (who flew in today from Utah), Sammi (Super Nanny), Aunt Bridgette, & of course Mommy. Mason, you are so loved!!!

Again our family could not be more grateful for this special Easter gift. The gift of new life for our baby, our Miracle Mason.

To his dear donor family: We pray for your comfort during this time of loss. We pray that you will truly believe that someday you will reunite with your angel baby again. Thank you for sharing this selfless gift with our family.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Hope the recovery and healing is steadfast and swift. God's many blessings are upon you, what a joyous gift.

Anonymous said...

It's so neat to think that next Easter he can be running around looking for eggs filled with candy! Thank you Jesus for this miracle named Mason!
Angie's Suppoert team

Denise said...

We're so happy that Mason got a new heart for Easter, what a miracle!!! We pray for a speedy recovery for Mason and your family can be together in Utah again soon.

Love Kaidence's Nanna and Pappa Maddock

Stefenie said...

I had just posted about Mason on my blog on Saturday asking for some prayers for him and a few other heart kids. I am so glad that I did after getting up this morning to hear that Mason received his gift.

Saying prayers for the donor family's loss and that through their generous gift may they find peace.

Also praying for Mason's continued recovery from surgery and may it be a smooth one!


Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

Bethany said...

I connected to your blog through Grant's Journey! I'm thrilled to hear that Mason has a new heart! What a miracle and answer to prayer. And how special on Easter Sunday! God is good!

Heart Hugs,
Bethany (Mom to Emma Kate-HLHS)

Bethany said...
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Christina said...

I just saw the news this morning, Congratulations! What an amazing Easter miracle. So thrilled for you sweet family!

Hugs & Prayers,
Heart Momma to Jacob (TGA)

bruno.emma.jose said...

Spanish and French prayers for your little boy.
Joyeuses Pâques Mason

Margaret said...

We feel your joy. We have traveled this journey with you and are grateful for this special gift to your son. The Lord loves His children! What a beautiful day to receive new life. We pray for his continued recovery. Our "miracle" continues and we marvel each day at the glorious gift for our son. Sending all our best!

Emily@Little Forever Family said...

This is such good news!!! I kept checking till I went to bed! We are just so excited for this new start. I know what that sweet family is feeling right now, but I know there are a lot of prayers being said in their behalf and there is the peace knowing that even though their little angel is no longer physically here, his or her little heart beats on, giving life to another. We are rooting for you guys and can not wait to see you holding him or those pink toes and fingers!

Aimee Hardy said...

What an amazing blessing. We are so happy for your family and for sweet Mason.

Mom to Jack, HLHS

Lauren said...

I have been following Mason's Blog for sometime now and have prayed for him! I'm so happy to hear this news of a new heart and of all days Easter! How wonderful! I continue to keep Mason in my prayers! I'm also praying for the donor family and their loss, that God is with them to support and guide them through their difficult time! A Selfless gift!

With LOTS of Hope, Love, Faith and **Heart Hugs**,
Lauren (22yr. old CHD Survivor... Tricuspid Atresia, HRHS)


kurtis said...

So glad he is reacting well! What a miracle he is!!! GOOOO Mason!!
Libbi's mama

Alika and Amber said...

I am so happy for little Mason. Easter was the perfect day for Mason. I'm sure it will be the most celebrated day for the rest of his miraculous life.

Kristi Vega said...

Such fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear that you were able to snuggle with him!

ang said...

So happy for you! Such a blessing! Our little Ben got his new heart a year ago and is doing wonderfully, that is our prayer for Mason. He truly is a miracle. Ü

Angela, another heart mommy

Munchkin said...

Scott and I have been praying for this little guy and his new heart. What a HUGE blessing. We will keep him in our prayers still. Love you.

Corey~living and loving said...

Here via Gabriella's blog. I am sending many prayers to Mason, and the donor family. ♥

The INCREDIBLE Pettit's said...

So happy to hear the great news! What a wonderful Easter blessing our hearts go out to your family and the precious donor family.

Mindi said...

What AMAZING news. We are so, overwhlemingly happy for you. Keep fighting MASON!!

Mindi and McKay

Kim said...

Striklands - what a blessing! To read your blog from today boosted our testimonies. You have tremendous faith and we are so grateful for the blessing you received today. We will continue to pray for Mason's recovery and can't wait to hear you are back home soon!

Love, Alan & Kim Taylor & Family

Jenny Livingston said...

I don't know your family, but I linked over here and am incredibly touched by your story. Know that, in addition to all your friends and family, there are also complete strangers thinking of and praying for your little Miracle.