Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Biopsy Day

Mason will go for his first post transplant heart catheter biopsy today at noon. This is the best way to check for rejection. He will have 1 each month for the first 4-6 months. ( I know other hospitals and transplant programs don't do it that frequently.)

Am I nervous? Yes!!! But, at the same time I feel so good about Mason's new heart. It just seems perfect!!

Although Mason really hasn't had any symptoms of rejection, sometimes the biopsy will detect the beginnings of rejection before he would be symptomatic. Which is good because than they will up his doses of meds to treat it.

Last night Mason did present a little bump in the road.........
Around 9pm he started getting a fever! The nurse and I were very worried!! It never went over 100.3, but still was quite concerning. He also vomited his whole feed around that time, but I think that is more due to all the harsh meds he is taking. After a couple hours it went away on its own. Thank goodness! But his white blood cell count is slightly elevated from yesterday.......not too bad, and can be caused by the steroids he's on.....but we are all keeping a close on everything today.

He is not a happy little guy today. So sad! I'm not sure if he doesn't feel well or if he's grumpy because he's hungry and thirsty (he's had no food since or drink for several hours because he will go under anesthesia for his biopsy). He keeps asking me for water. Poor little guy.

PLEASE join me in prayer today that his biopsy will go well, that his fever will STAY AWAY, and that he can continue on a healthy speedy recovery.

It still seems so surreal and unbelievable that our Miracle Mason has a NEW HEALTHY HEART! Thank you Donor Family!!! A true miracle we have all witnessed!!!


Steph said...

Sending prayers your way. ;)

Emily@Little Forever Family said...

I love reading these posts. It makes my heart happy to see how well he is doing!!!!

Joshua said...

Praying for Mason and your family. My son,Joshua, received a heart transplant at Seattle Children's on 1-20-2009. Mason and my son are very close in age. I have checking your blog regularly and have been praying hard for Mason. I remember too well all the stress and crazy feelings! Joshua had a cath every month for 7 months and several since then so I can relate well to your anxiety.