Tuesday, April 6, 2010

He Did It!

Mason has had a fabulous day! He is progressing so well that the docs all agreed he was ready to extubate (take off the ventilator) this morning. And....HE DID IT!! They put him on just a nasal cannula for extra support for now. He began on 2 liters and he's already down to 1/2 liter tonight with his O2 sats at 99%! Wow this is so exciting and almost unbelievable!

When he got the breathing tube out he seemed to almost be in a trance. I think he was feeling so good he didn't know what to think. For his whole life of 28 months it has been so much work for him to breath, or really just to live, and now he was laying there with his new strong healthy heart allowing him to breathe with ease! The most peaceful and calm feeling came over Mark, my mom, and I who were all in the room to witness this. To witness this miracle changing our sweet Mason's life!

Mason has had great numbers (heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, right atrial pressure, and O2 sats) all day. He's had a few little heart rhythm issues today, but just balancing out his electrolytes seemed to solve it. The docs said this is pretty normal post transplant. Today he also came off several off the heart support meds he came out of the OR on.

The other good news of the day is that the cross matching blood tests which were taken in the OR during transplant (cross matching Mason with his donor) came back with NO surprises. Meaning the cross match done prior to Dr. R telling us they had a heart for Mason showed the same few antibodies that could cause rejection, but no more than they were already prepared for. This is great! Mason is being treated with very high doses of anti-rejection meds, steroids, and IVIg to help prevent possible rejection.

Mason is also tolerating his chest tubes, central iv lines, and etc much better than I thought he would at this age. The nurses did put the little braces (called "no-no"s) on his arms so that he won't pull anything out, but when I'm sitting with him we take them off to give him a break. I just hold his hand and keep a close eye on him.

Mason has loved having visits from all our family while they are here enjoying spring break! The timing of everything has been so perfect. I'm so glad they are here to be with Miracle Mason and I at this special time.

Kaitlin, Ammon, Braiden, and Preston on Easter morning.

Thank you for supporting us in our journey, for your sweet thoughts, and of course for continuing to pray for Mason and his donor family.


Ryan and Hilary said...

Yeh for extibation day!!! That was one of the best days post transplant for us. I am so so happy that he is doing so well. It just brings tears to my eyes to think of all the miracles for your family. I am so glad that you are all together. God is great!! Keeping you in our prayers.

cici said...

He looks amazing and very peaceful and rested.
Give him an extra kiss. What a sweetie pie!

Stephanie said...

I know I don't comment very often, but one of us is on here reading the blog every other hour it seems, excited to see if there is a new update! :) We are just so happy for you guys and thank you for taking the time to write and let us in on your family's joy. It is so wonderful! We love you guys..... The Hawkins xo

kdance10 said...

Yeah!! Thats great news. I just think it is so neat that your other kids and your husband have been here for all this. Keep up the great work mason.

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Wow! Thank you God!

Bob and Joan said...

Another beautiful day of sucess and new wonder for Mason and his special sister and brothers. We will keep praying for many more and more, and always remembering the family that made this day possible.

Mindi D said...

I am just in aw of this wonderful miracle! One of my favorite sayings is 'miracles happen to those who believe' and you guys proved that! You have had such a journey and i'm glad to have been a part of it! Thanks for sharing :) GOO Mason Go!!
Libbi's mama

The Palmers said...

I'm so glad all has gone so well! Having all of your kids there is amazing! Hopefully you'll all be together at home ASAP!

Derick said...

Summer, I can't read your blog without crying. We are just so thankful that Mason is doing so well. What a miracle he is. We keep on praying for more miracles each day! Take care.

Julia Woolf

Kyle and Alli said...

Wow. What a great recovery. I can't imagine looking at Mason knowing that despite having undergone major surgery, his body feels better than ever. Miracles are surrounding you! I love the pictures. How special for your whole family to be together during this time. Heavenly Father is very much mindful of Mason and your entire family! :)

Kimmie said...

im still getting the chills thinking about how perfect the timing that all of this has been. he looks wonderful...you deserve all this POSITIVE news!!!

She Made Mention said...

I'm not going to lie---- I'm super jealous, but more than that SUPER SUPER SUPER proud of your family! Mason is such a trooper, as are all of you! I just can't believe that it is all happening so quickly now. A new life, and for ALL of you! I couldn't be happier for your family. He is such a beautiful boy. I can't wait to meet you all someday. The Eastmans are in your ward and I went to school with Melissa. She read my facebook status on remembering Stephen's page and she was so excited!! Give Mason a hug and a kiss from his friend in Idaho.

Love you.


Caryn said...

That's so awesome! Way to go Mason!

I kept Braden's No-No's from when we were there, sometimes I wish I could still use em to keep him out of trouble! Too bad he's too big!

Cara said...

Yay for extubation day! Such a good feeling. I am so glad he is doing well. You don't know me but we were at the hospital the same time as Abby. They have an almost identical journey. Congratulations! He looks so good!

Jennifer said...

He looks so GREAT...and so does the rest of the family!

Love all the good news!

Still praying!

The Simmons Family said...

Mason is making me bawl like a baby! Every post I read makes me so emotional and THRILLED for him!! I can't imagine how fantastic he felt waking up with a NEW heart. He's going to be running circles around the other four kiddos in no time!!

I am so happy for you all and what perfect timing to have your entire family surrounding you!!

Deana said...

He looks amazing!! WOW! What another miracle in our lives! Thank you so much for sharing.

Libbis Grammy

Anonymous said...

I am SO SO happy for you guys! It's so awesome to come on here and just hear more good news! I will be sitting in my car and just stop and think OH MY GOSH!!! MASON GOT HIS HEART! So cool!
Angie's Support team

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your blog. I don't remember how I found it.

I have tears in my eyes every time I read it now that Mason has gotten his new heart.

I am so thankful that you were accepted in CA and everything has worked out so perfect!

For Our Brave Heart, Sam said...

I have really enjoyed reading about Mason's journey, and I am just so happy for you guys and how well he is doing. Miracle Mason indeed! Keep it up!!
Kathy Wimberly

Keri said...

So so happy for you and your family, Sum: there are not even words to express.
Mason looks amazing. THe human body is such a miracle, huh? Who knew what a strong heart could do.
Still in our thoughts and prayers.
We love you out here!