Monday, April 26, 2010

Today's Top 10

What did Mason accomplish today?

  1. Both chest tubes removed!
  2. Lungs look great! ( chest x-ray'ed)
  3. Heart function is excellent! (echo'ed)
  4. Off high flow O2! (Just regular cannula at 1 liter and weaning ....)
  5. Ate 7 bites of applesauce! (He's refused all food since August)
  6. Said "please" and "thank you" at least 25+ times today to get more ice chips! (verbally and w/ sign language)
  7. Scope of vocal chords showed no permanent damage! (The left one is slightly weaker, so we will stick with thicker liquids and food while it heals.)
  8. Took a bath (sort of) and was very excited to played in the water!
  9. Dressed in clean PJ's!
  10. Said "love you" to Mommy!

Today is day 4( Round II) of the plasmapheresis and ATG. I sure hope it is wiping out those mean antibodies this time!!! Tomorrow will be a big day. Mason will go to the cath lab at 8 am for his biopsy. They will also look at the pressures in his heart while they do his cath/ biopsy and remove his RA central line he has had in since his transplant surgery. We should have stat (quick) results of the biopsy by tomorrow night to know the status of his rejection.

After biopsy, in the afternoon he will have his 5th (Round II) plasmapheresis treatment followed by a very large dose of IVIG. Then another antibody blood test will be taken. Those results will probably be back Wednesday night.

We pray and hope that both the biopsy and the antibody level tests will bring us good news.


Quote of the Day:

"To become a winner in the race for eternal life requires effort—constant work, striving, and enduring well with God’s help. But the key is that we must take it just one step at a time." Marvin J. Ashton

(A special heart mommy sent me this quote and I love it! Thank you!)


Mindi said...

Such great news! BIG, BIG prayers for a tremendous tomorrow. Lots of love to you and little Mason.

Mindi and McKay

Greg and Heidi said...

Wow, what a day Mason! And I love that quote. Still praying. . .
the Skidmores

Derick said...

Mason's progress gives me the chills. Way to go, Mason. Keep it up. We are still praying, every prayer, for good results.


Camille Bailey Aagard said...

The Aagard family loves Mason and we are on our knees!

Michelle said...

Summer... What a great day! I am so, SO happy for you and Mason. What a miracle today has been for you! Days like this help us to believe that everything WILL be ok. Thank you for posting.

Here's a cute story for ya..
We continue to pray for Mason every night. Cooper (Madison's twin brother) loves saying prayers. As we start to pray, he usually knows what we are going to say and finish the last word, or half a word. Every night for the past week, Cooper helps in praying for Mason. It usually goes like this: Heavenly Father, we pray for our friend... "Ason" to help him to get.. "etter". And then we finish the rest of the prayer in more detail. It has been cute for our family to watch Cooper learn this..

We love you. You are an amazing, STRONG, faithful mom. I admire you. Thank you for being such a good example to me. Take Care.

Hugs to Mason from Cooper and Madison.. goodnight.
Love, Michelle

Rachel Lund said...

This is great news!! Keep up the good work Mason!!

Michelle said...
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Bob and Joan said...

It's it exciting that there were so many good and fun things that they could form a list of TEN! What a happy blessing. We will keep prayering for the ultimate goal of body and heart becoming ONE!

Kaidence's Mommy said...

Way to go Mason AND Mom!!! We are so happy to hear that things are going a little better. You are in our prayers as always. We will be thinking of you tomorrow. Summer, I have Doctor appts tomorrow. Please send me a text, I will be thinking of you and Mason. Love to you and sleep well!

Melinda May said...

In my office all alone reading your post and I cheered so loud that my husband came in to see if I was okay!

GO MASON & Go you too!

Prayers are not stopping until he's home!

sheila said...

So happy for you both for having so many events to be thankful for.

Still praying for both of you.

Ryan and Hilary said...

Love it!!! GOOOOOOO Mason!! We will be praying super hard for great results!!

Caryn said...

That's amazing! Yeah for good days!

The Simmons Family said...

I'm speechless... what a fantastic day!!!!!

We'll be praying for a great biopsy tomorrow!

bruno.emma.jose said...

wonderful news!!!
your kid is amazing!!!

madelyn said...

I am praising God for Mason's improvements and praying for more good news today! I love the stories of the ice chips - Ava used to be so grateful for that as well. Treasure the smallest of joys each day and stay focused on getting Mason home soon.

Pamela Wiscombe said...

Ya Mason. Let us pray for only great news. I am so excited to read and hear of the great things. Go Mason go!!!!! Here is hoping that all goes well. Miracles do happen, and Mason is one of them!!! :)

The Palmers said...

YAY!!! I hope the biopsy results are good. Coincidentally I'll be at the hospital for Scott's biopsy tomorrow as well - with the same hopes as you. I hope for 0R or 1R for both of us!!!

Anonymous said...

What good news, Summer! You and Mason will continue to be in my prayers. It sounds like he's a tremendous fighter, and he has the best mom ever on his side, fighting with him. The Lord is aware of your desires and righteousness, and will bless you and Mason . . . and the rest of your family. --Kathy Jenkins

Joanna Wilson said...

what a great day! wish all Mondays could be that great!

Anonymous said...

We live in North Carolina and have been touched by your story. You amazing perspective and patience have been very inspiring to me. Your humble nature and dedicated parenting are a breath of fresh air. May god bless you and your family.

Mindy Stailey said...

All of this has been so inspiring to me. You are one incredible woman Summer. Faith, prayers, hope and comfort sent directly to you!

Jennifer said...

I loved that Mason ate applesauce! That's a LONG time without eating food orally! What an accomplishment!

Praying for great results this week!