Sunday, April 29, 2012

Home Was Short Lived

I'd been meaning to post all week to say we made it home. Staying on top of Mason's pain and nausea meds every 4 to 6 hours in addition to his other regular meds, trying to keep Mason comfy (he's still seemed to be in a significant amount of pain most of the week), catching up on things at home, doing homework and running kids to all their sports etc.....didn't leave me much time to post, but I should have! Because, last night Mason was readmitted to Primary's after just 4 days at home.

Friday I thought Mason was finally feeling a little more like himself. He took a short ride on his wiggle car around the house even! I was getting concerned though that he's still been needing oxygen, just a half a liter, but I didn't expect this to happen post spinal surgery. Even spreading out his OxyCodone doses further apart didn't seem to help his oxygen saturations. 

Early Saturday morning ((yesterday)Mason woke with a high fever. Bummer! A fever isn't something to ignore 17 days post a spinal surgery! After talking with Dr. W our pediatrician (Thank you for letting me bother you at home on a Saturday!!!) I took him into the Riverton Hospital for blood work and a chest x-ray. After receiving the results which showed an elevated white blood cell count and possible pneumonia in the left lung....Dr W and the transplant team decided Mason needed to be admitted at Primary's for IV antibiotics. we are again at the Hotel on the Hill! 

The only way to be admitted on a weekend is through the Emergency Department, which makes for a very long evening. We didn't get up to Mason's room until almost 2am after getting to the hospital at 7:30 pm! But, I will say the doctors in the Emergency Department that saw Mason last night were very thorough and concerned. While looking Mason over they discovered he had pus pockets in two different spots on his back incisions. This is probably more of the cause of the fevers than the possible pneumonia! 

For now Mason is being treating with 2 strong IV antibiotics and an IV anti fungal which should cover any lung and skin infections. Tomorrow Mason's orthopedic doctor will come by to look at his incision and decide if anything more aggressive needs to be done about the infection. Hopefully just a couple of days on IV antibiotics and then transferred to oral ones so we can go back home.

I'll try to update again tomorrow. 


Shirleen said...

I hope all goes well for Mason. Love to your family! Shirleen

Shirleen said...

I hope all goes well for Mason. Love to your family! Shirleen

Unknown said...

Oh Summer!
My heart goes out to you and your family. I continue to keep young Mason in my prayers.
Hang in there and don't forget to do something for you, to recharge those batteries.
Hugs and God bless.

Britt said...

Hi Summer and Mason! We will be sending extra prayers your way! I have thought of you lots and lots! Love the Stanford shirt pic! We will be heading there in May to meet with transplant...ahhh! Meet with Primarys too...and felt good about it. I think you may be the lady I need to talk to. I hope things calm down and you can get home! Who knew home was so great right! So many emotions, and still just not sure what to do. Thank goodness for strong little men! All our love, good to see you in the hall at Primaries, although meeting at the park would be great! Maybe one day!