Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy 2nd Angel Heart Birthday!

 Today we celebrate one of the most special days our family will ever experience! Two years ago Mason received his Angel heart from a very special anonymous donor. Although we've never been able to learn the name of Mason's donor or anything about their family (because they have chosen to remain anonymous) we hold a very tender spot in our hearts for them and ALWAYS will. On the day they sent their baby to heaven our Miracle Mason's life was saved. I feel there is nothing more selfless than this!

As most of you know Mason's special transplant day was on Easter which seemed to be a miracle in and of itself! Easter will always have even greater meaning to us now. I want to quote myself from that day, "The most tears I have shed this day are in gratitude for our donor family. On this Easter morning they had to say goodbye to their sweet child. They donated their child's heart on Easter almost like our Savior sacrificed his life for us. He then resurrected on Easter just like our Mason has been given a new chance at life this day. I will be forever grateful to this family and pray that they will know of the joy they have brought to our family. I pray that on each Easter they will think of the gift of life they have shared with our family!"

I often wish I knew more about Mason's donor, but maybe someday we will when the time is right. Today we will send balloons into the sky in honor of this special child and their family. I hope our special donor will look down from Heaven and see his/ her balloons. I hope he/ she will feel of our extreme love and gratitude. To this amazing family, who thought to donate in a time of sorrow, I will feel always in debt to you for what you did for Mason and our family. Thank you!

(Notice Mason's shirt says,
"Property of Stanford")

Since Mason's heart transplant he has sure come along away. He still takes his time and goes at his own pace on certain things (like eating and walking), but the progress he has made is fabulous! At two years post transplant and at age 4 1/2 what is Mason up to?
~Walking with his walker or holding on to some one's hand
~Standing alone for up to 1 minute
~ Riding his plasma car (or wiggle car) all over the house and yard
~Throwing balls (baseball, football, lacrosse, etc....and he's got a GOOD arm!)
~Playing policeman (loves his guns, and sleeps with them lately)
~Working with his therapists and teachers that come to our house (He asks every morning, "Mom, is my teacher coming today?" He loves their visits)
~Playing on the ipad and leapster
~Still eating just snack foods....chips, pretzels, & popcorn being his favorites (tube feeds still give him the majority of his calories)
~Talking a lot!!! (especially at night when he doesn't want to go to sleep)
~Being a good sport about blood draws every 7 to 14 days still and echos every 2 to 4    weeks.
~There's much much more.... 

The above is just a short list to show how far Mason has come since he received his gift of a new heart and a 2nd chance at life here on earth. Before his transplant Mason was very weak and sick. Now he is a little boy full of energy who enjoys life to the fullest. Mason has taught us all how to find the silver lining in life and to dance in even the strongest of rain storms! To him I am grateful for all the lessons, to my Father in Heaven I am grateful for the strength to endure the bumpy road, to all of Mason's doctors, nurses, and caregivers I am grateful for you and the very important roles you have played and continue to play in Mason's journey, to all those who serve our family in times of need I am grateful for all you do, and most importantly on this day I am forever grateful to Mason's donor family! I pray that as this time of year is especially hard for their family remembering the loss of their baby that they will feel the comfort of our Heavenly Father.

One more event that also makes this a special week at our house is Preston's birthday. Preston will be 11 tomorrow!!! Wow how time flies! Preston, my second child and oldest son, is one very good kid! Preston is a great student, a good helper, a kind brother, an up and coming lacrosse star, an amazing skateboarder, and we love him so very much! 


Happy Easter to everyone from our family to yours! May you have a wonderful day!

My next post will probably be next Wednesday as Mason goes in for his back surgery.  Please pray some extra prayers for him that day.

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The Simmons Family said...

Happy Heart Anniversary Mason!!! Happy Bday to your big bro Preston too! Your journey is a miraculous one buddy!