Saturday, June 2, 2012

Overdue Pictures

Briefly I'll give a quick update on Mason and then I have some very over due pictures to share. Mason is finally feeling a lot better since surgery. He still complains of lower back pain but, only when laying on his back. About 10 days ago I stopped all the pain meds accept occasional Tylenol, because they caused him to vomit too much. My poor little guy was losing weight he can't afford to lose! The fluid that was cultured when Mason's bottom incision was re-opened due to possible infection still never grew any bacteria. Great news, but very weird that he had showed so many signs of infection. We have been very busy since being home with lacrosse games, baseball games, dance recitals, and end of the school year projects, but it's GREAT to be home.

Mason's 2nd Angle Heart Birthday- April 4, 2012:
We let off balloons into the sky with a note
in honor of Mason's heart donor and family.

These 3 were my helpers: Ammon, Mason, and Preston
(Dad and Braiden were at a baseball tournament and 
Kaitlin must have been at Young Women's)

I also made our 2nd annual mini heart cake, thinking
Mason might final want to take a bite........
but, he just held it and smiled.......
then he very carefully touched it, not wanting
to get any of that yummy frosting on his hands.......
And still NO bite! What kid doesn't like cake? Mason!!!

Preston's 11th Birthday- April 5, 2012
Preston is my easy, usually no need for birthday parties kid.
A night out to the movies, a new scooter, and lacrosse stick
and he's happy as could be!! I love those kind of birthdays!

Easter -April 8,2012
Coloring Easter Eggs....
(The rest of our kids hid from my camera as usual!)

Being together as a family on Easter is and always will be very
 special for us. For Easter Morning was when Miracle Mason
received his new heart, a new chance at life 2 years ago and 
our family was together that day at Stanford! 

That will always be our OUR EASTER MIRACLE!!!

Getting a decent family photo is almost impossible!
But at least we try!!! Too much Easter candy= silly pictures!

Mason was thrilled to get baseballs and a squirt
 gun for Easter! He gave all his candy away!! 
No wonder he can't gain weight!!

Braiden was such a sweet brother to help Mason
with our indoor Easter hunt before church.

We were lucky to have Sammi spend Easter with us.
She didn't make it home to visit her parents because
of school finals. She also stuck around to help out and
 play "mom" while Mason and I were in the hospital!
Thank you Sammi!
 We couldn't have done again without you!!

One very cute boy on Easter!!!

Mason enjoyed the outdoor Easter egg hunt we had
later on Easter afternoon with family.

Mason's VEPTR Scoliosis Surgery- April 11, 2012

Checking in for surgery

The BEFORE pictures
(This was as straight as Mason could sit!)

 And AFTER...... 
 What a difference!
 ( I just took these "after" pictures yesterday. The
incisions have finally healed up pretty good.)

Mason is our #1 super hero!

Daddy and our kids visiting Mason in the PICU the day after surgery.

Tonight on KSL, channel 5, from 7 to 10 pm is the Primary Children's telethon which is their biggest annual fundraiser. This year Primary Children's celebrates 90 years of taking care of and saving the lives of Children! ALSO, Mason and I are in (for about a whole 10 seconds) a music video made at Primary Children's while we were there last month that will air tonight throughout the don't miss it!!! We appreciate more than words can express this hospital and all they do for Mason.