Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No Catheter Test After All

Hello to all!

I took Mason to PCMC yesterday for his heart catheter test which they like to do before they set a date for the second surgery. Although, his clot that he has in his superior vena ceva at the top of his right atrium posed a high risk to perfom the catheterization, in fear of possibly hitting the clot and breaking it loose, the Dr. chose not to do it. We are very glad he decided to do a sedated and very detailed echo prior to the catheter to get a better look at his clot that Mason has had since Jan. Instead they did a CT scan to get close images of his arteries etc. All looked good, so they saw no pressing need to perform surgery before probably another month. We are glad Mason was once again protected by his "guardian angles" and our Father in heaven when the Dr. made his decision yesterday! PLease pray our little MAson can put some good weight on this month to stregthen him for surgery. We will set a date for surgery when we go to clinic next Monday.

We love you,

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Home Again!

Hi everybody.

We brought Mason home Tuesday afternoon. He is so happy to be home and seems to be doing well. While we were at Primary's Mason also had tubes put in his ears to solve the ear infection problem. ( we had already scheduled this 2 weeks ago and after his tachacardia episode last week the cardiologists were a bit leary, but he responded so well to being back on the medicine for the arythmias they gave the go ahead) We hope to not experience the Life Flight again! Although, the Life Flight nurses do love little Mason and we know he's been in great hands both times! The Dr's are thinking 4 - 6 weeks until his 2nd surgery. Thanx for all your support and prayers.

With Love,

Friday, April 4, 2008

Mason's Feeling Better

Mason is feeling and looking alot better today. So far the doc's still think that this inccident was from weaning him from the arythmia medication, because now back on it he is doing so much better. On his echo today his heart function looked good. He will need to be in the ICU for probably 3 more days if all goes well. He needs to recover from his tachacardia episode yesterday. It was hard on his little body. But he remains our little miracle and fighter. We appreciate all your prayers.

Summer & Mark

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mason Loves To Fly

Friends and Family,

It seems as though Mason was having a bit of cabin fever this morning......So he has made a return visit to Primary Chidren's! He started really laboring to breath this morning,so I checked his oxygen sats and they were too low for him. After talking with cardiology at Primary's I called 911. The Paramedics came and he was having tacacardic heart rythms ( heart rates way too high) causing him to work really hard just to breathe. So Life Flight landed on our street and and transported him to Primary's. A pretty scary day. He is now in the PICU and already doing better. We are all hoping this was caused by a medication for his arythmias that the Dr.s weaned him off of 2 weeks ago. Please keep our little fighter Miracle Mason in your Prayers. We are hoping this is just a short visit and we'll take him home soon!

Sincerely, Summer