Thursday, October 29, 2015

September Days

Every year it seems like once school starts, fall sports are in full swing, and the demands of homework and school projects pile up..... there's just not enough time in the day!  And, time sure isn't slowing down as the kids get older! But more than anything, I feel blessed to share the chaos and crazy busy days with my special and amazing family! I know as usual I'm a month behind, but here are some of the things that filled our September days...

Mason continues to love love love school! I am so grateful for his strong little spirit and determination! Most of all, I'm grateful he's been healthy enough to do 'normal' kiddo things... like go and enjoy school!

Kaitlin went to Sadie Hawkin's with her friend Evan.
She was part of a fun group of cowboys and Indians.

On September 16th, the most beautiful, wonderful, kind, and fun daughter I could ever ask for turned 17! I truly can't believe my Kaitlin is 17! It seems like just yesterday she was my busy little toddler, getting into everything! I'm so proud of the amazing young woman she has become. She lights up any room she enters with her glowing smile and her vibrant personality!  
❤️ I love you KK!!

Kaitlin and her darling friend Kenna went to see the Taylor Swift concert a week before her birthday. Her ticket was the only birthday gift she asked for. They had a great time and next time I want to go too!!!

On the morning of her birthday a few friends threw her a surprise breakfast at Kneaders.

That night we took our birthday girl out to a family dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Yummy food and great company!

Then we headed home for some cake and gifts...

If we could just stop time right now?!
She'll being going off to college before we know it!
Which will be too soon!
She is the sunshine in our home!!
We sure love our Kaitlin!

Mason's school had it's annual  September Wolf Run. Even though Mason decided at the last minute he didn't want to run in it, he and I cheered all his classmates and friends on! There's always next year right?!

That same day I rushed over to Ammon's school next to run in his annual Highland Hawk Walk-a-thon with him. Ammon sure loves his classmates and his teachers!

Between July and October my kids have had 5 new cousins, 1 second cousin, and another precious little friend born. So there's been lots of loving on some cute little babies!

Mason and baby cousin Hiram

Ammon and baby cousin Hiram

Our nanny Sammi (who we sadly lost to her getting married and now becoming a mom) had a beautiful little girl, Ryan Elizabeth. Ammon loves her like she is his own baby!!!

Preston and baby Ryan

Mason and baby Ryan

On September 24 Mason had another back rod expansion surgery. He is always such a brave strong little guy, and loves going to Primary Children's! He feels right at home while we are there and is usually quite popular. I guess since the "Hotel on the Hill" has been a second home to him for his almost 8 years of life it's only to be expected that he is pretty well known and loved by many 
who work there and have cared for him. The surgery took about an hour, went very smoothly, and he came out about 3 cm's taller!

After the surgery he was admitted to the 3rd floor surgical unit to do his monthly IVIg infusion. And guess who was visiting the children that day?! The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus!
Mason got to meet the Ring Master and a Julia the clown. To be honest though, he was scared of Julia (I think it was all her make-up) so as long as she stood outside of the room, he let her sing and play on her ukulele "Over the Rainbow" to him. It was super sweet! I love the great visitors who come to Primary's to cheer up the children!

The next day at home was definitely a day of rest for our little buddy, but within a few days he was up and running around, ready to go back to school! He is one of the most resilient tough cookies I know!

The day after Mason's rod expansion surgery, Mark and Preston headed down to Moab for Preston's mountain bike race. Preston did very well in his race, plus he and Mark had a fun weekend biking and hiking around beautiful Moab Utah.

Well, now that October is over too, hopefully I can get another post out sooner than later! October has been a fun and busy month as well! Thanks as always for checking in on our family and our Miracle Mason! He continues to defy all odds against him! He is doing amazing and we owe that mostly too his special heart donor!