Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Really Full Plate

Friends and Family,

Sorry it has been so long without and update. My plate is just a bit full right now, I'm sure you can imagine. Mason is doing well. He did have a rough couple of weeks with a horrible ear infection (which he's just following his siblings' examples, they all had to get tubes in as babies!). It took 3 different antibiotics and then a shot of Rocefin (sp?) to clear it up. In the mean time, all the crying and pain caused his breathing to be labored ,his oxygen sats to lower and he wouldn't eat. We had some scary moments and a few time almost headed to the ER, but then he would pull out of it. Our cardiologist said "do whatever you can to keep him comfortable and from crying so hard." OK ..with only being able to give him Tylenol,( no motrin allowed) and Mason wanting me to constantly hold him... that has been no easy task with four other kids! He is feeling better now, but still almost always wants to be held. Although, I guess he deserves every minute of it!

We are still trying to be extra careful to not get him sick, ESPcially after seeing how an ear infection affected him. So this means he and I only go to his Dr. apt.s . and that is it! Cabin Fever? Most definitely. But Mason is well worth it!

Some exciting news, well if you are a Mom you'll relate, he will nurse now. Which most heart babies have trouble doing at all. And this makes life a Little easier for me. (except for the ear infections, when I had to put his NG (feeding) tube back in for awhile cuz he would cry to hard when he would try and nurse or take the bottle!) The only problem now is he's refusing the bottle and his Dr.s still want me supplementing with some high calorie bottles as well, because he works harder then a normal healthy baby just to eat thus burning more calories.

He is up to @ 8lbs 5oz but they want him to be 11 or 12 lbs for his next surgery. The next topic. We saw the cardiologist team on Monday and they are thinking around 6 or 7 months old for his next surgery... so, end of May or June. Unless he needs it before then (with constantly lower oxygen sats and a gray/blue coloring in his face begins to be noticeable, meaning his body is in need of a better blood flow). We will do some testing at the end of April / beginning of May which will look at his heart function and this will gives a better idea when they will need to do his surgery.

We also met with an ENT at primary Children's on Wed. and will probably put tubes in Mason's ears to avoid any more traumatic ear infections! The ENT will be discussing it with the Cardiology team ant let us know in a few days.

If you are wondering how I could possibly be writing this long email... for one it has taken me all morning with several interruptions, and two Mason finally fell asleep in my arms, three and most exciting...Ammon is now attending a special preschool, a school bus even picks him up! It is so good for him! Well, for me too...some of my sanity comes back at least for a few hours during the day!

we love you!
Summer and family