Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mason Has a Blog at Last!

Due to great request by all of Mason Andrew's loving friends and family he finally has his very own blog. Thanks to my dear friend Mandee who helped me put it together, okay... actually she did it all, but taught me how to do it now. We pasted in all the e-mails I've sent out since Mason was born so you can follow his whole journey since we were so blessed to have him born into our family. We love Mason so much and hope his story will touch your hearts as much as he touches ours each and every day!

Mason is doing pretty good as we await his Glen Surgery in 2 weeks. He is on and off of oxygen right now, just depending on the day. Today he seems to be feeling pretty good without any extra O2, which makes life a little easier I have to admit! Now if I could just get him to sleep more than 2 hours at a time during the night. I guess he still thinks he needs to make up for lost snuggling time from his first 7 weeks of life, but I think we've well made up for that by now!

I will post more pictures soon.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Better Days

Mason is feeling much much better and we are back home. Surgery is scheduled for June 9th still, since his oxygen sats are way back upafter his blood transfusion.

We will update with anything new.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mason's Sleepover... In the PICU

Friends and family,

Mason's cath test went well. His heart function looks good, thepressures looked good, the clot is still there but caused no problemsduring the procedure. So the surgeuons say they will procede to thenext surgery and scheduled him for June 9th. But you know our Mason, he had a throw a little bit of theunexpexted into the story yesterday.....about 2 hours post the cathtest he started to need more oxygen then he had been on at home andmore and more as the day went on. So we ended up back in the PICUagain! Where they started running tests and put him on high flowoxygen. He just wanted to scare us for a bit! The Doc's say he justdoesnt have much reserve right now. So the anathesia from the procedure, his stuffy nose, a new ear infection (that I discoveredwhen it started draining yesterday morning), his red blood cell countwas low, combined with him starting to out grow his SANO (the shunt inhis heart)....just was pushing him over his limit! He is much betterthis morning after a blood transfusion and some high flow oxygen overnight. In fact he's down to 1/2 liter of O2, which is less then wecame in on yesterday morning. They are talking about bumping the surgery sooner now after yesterday's episode. We just need to get him over his little cold. I am not sure yet if we will stay for a few days or go home.

Keep up your prayers!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Mason's Blessing Day

Happy Mother's Day to All!!!

I took Mason into Cardiology on Thursday, because on Wed.afternoon I checked his oxygen sats (I have a pulse oxymeter at home) And they were 65 -67 and he needs to be between 75 and 85, So he's having to work a little too hard to breathe on his own. So Mason came home from Primary's that day on oxygen. He hasn't needed it at all at home since we came home in January. He needs about a liter and if he needs more than that he will need to go stay at Primary's. This is a huge sign that he's probably out growing his shunt placed in his heart in his first surgery. Thus a few changes in plans, As you know, I've learned to say with Mason.... always expect the unexpected. ( he was doing so good and then all of a sudden!...) His catheterization, the test needed prior to surgery that caused the controversy between the doc's cuz of his clot, has now been bumped from May 29th to May 13th, THIS TUESDAY! and surgery will depend on what is seen on the test, but it could be within 2 day or 2 weeks of the test! I thought we had a little more time to mentally prepare...yikes!

On a more positive note, we had Mason's baby blessing today in our home, (to avoid all the germs at church!) We had just the grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles who live near by come over and it was very simple , but amazingly special. It made this a memorable, very nice Mother's Day. We are so blessed to have Mason in our lives. His sweet smiles light up our home!

Sincerely with love, Summer

ps...Ammon loves his new play toy.....the oxygen generator, He turns it way up and then off...etc.., poor little Mason.....and my poor sanity!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Heart Catheter Test Disagreement

Friends and Family,

Mason is doing well. He weighs about 9 lbs 14 oz. Slowly but surely he is chubben up. We had his cardiology clinic on Monday and the Dr.s thought he looked really good, just little. But pleased with his weight gain lately. Now the latest on surgery... there was quite a disagreement among the doctors about Mason not getting the catheter test last week. One of the cardiologist that saw us that day said he knew the surgeons would absolutely need Mason to have the cath test before surgery, because this is the only way to get an accurate measure of the pressures of the blood flow in and out of the heart. Which this info is very important to know before going ahead with the 2nd surgery. Then what about his clot? They say the cath lab dr. can just avoid going in the part of his heart where the clot is....but, what concerns me is that the cath lab doctor from last week still says he will not do it and another cath lab cardiologist will have to perform the procedure if he has it done. So we asked if this could be discussed in the weekly care conference with all the cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons. Mason was discussed on Wed. morning and the majority vote was that he needs the catheterization before they will schedule him for surgery. So the cath has been rescheduled for May 29th.

I am quite leery right now about this decision and pray I will know its right before we do it! They also may do an MRI to get a more accurate measure and position of the clot and for sure will do a sedated echo to look at the heart function and the clot before performing the catheter test. Now they are saying mid June for surgery.Thanks always for your concern and Love. Please continue to pray for Mason and the decisions that lay ahead of us this month.

Sincerely, Summer