Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rain or Shine

              October 8th turned out to be a cold, windy, and rainy day. Not prime conditions for a day at the golf course! But, to no avail, RAIN OR SHINE, Mason's Third Annual Monster Tournament was a fun and successful event. Thank you to all those who helped make it happen! Thank you to the 60 golfers who pulled out their rain gear and came to the golf course to support us! Thank you to all those who donated prizes for the raffle and silent auction! And lastly, thank you to those who even though you couldn't make it, you donated to Mason's Trust/ Medical Fund! You are all so amazing to continually support Miracle Mason and his special journey through life. 

Mason didn't care if it was cold out!
He just wanted to go OUTSIDE!!

As before, fun signs were put up........

around the golf course announcing .....

 Mason's third annual monster tourney.

And of course, 
Mason enjoyed some chips for lunch!

The silent auction items.......

and the raffle prizes.........

..........were a big hit!!! 

Thank you again
 to all those who donated items,
bought raffle tickets, and bid
on auction items! 

Your generosity is deeply appreciated!

I'm not sure if Fox Hollow 
will invite us back again
after all my kids took turns 
behind the wheel of a golf cart!!
(Especially Ammon)

Mason received his first golf club
as a gift from a very nice golfer,
who won it in the raffle drawing.

Even Mason had a turn 
driving a golf cart......

or was he driving that new golf club???

Either way, he had a great time 
greeting the golfers at his very
own Mason Monster Tournament,

A Little Update About Miracle Mason's Own Rain And Shine:
THE RAIN.........As I type this (October 20th) Mason is by my side because he has been awake since 4am! He's been a bit under the weather for a week and a half with a runny nose and nasty cough. It started with a high fever of 103.5 which lasted for 2 days. Since then he's had a low grade fever of about 100.5 come and go. The cough has become so nasty that it causes him to throw up! Poor little guy! He needs to keep all the calories he can in him. (Throwing up is what has kept him up since 4 am today.) 
THE SHINE.........after Dr Whiting (our pediatrician) checked him out I was left reassured that his lungs are clear still. The cough is just coming from his throat due to nasal drainage. Praying it stays that way, far away from his lungs, and will go away real soon!!

THE RAIN.........On October 3, just 4 days after Mason's biopsy, (when he got super nauseated and vomited all the rest of the day from the anesthetic), we returned to Primary Children's for a small dental surgery. Mason needed to be under the care of  a cardiac anesthesiologist to have a cavity cleaned out and a crown place. So my sweet little guy was not very happy when he saw the "sleeping mask" coming his way again just four days later!
THE SHINE........Mason tolerated the anesthetic just fine and we went home just an hour and half after the dental work was finished, (unlike the 10 hours we were there for that last biopsy).

THE RAIN.........We have known since Mason was about 18 months old that his spine was a bit curved. We could tell by his chest x-rays and just by the appearance of his back. But, at that time survival was the main importance in Mason's life so we didn't worry about it. Now that his new heart is doing well, he has rejection under control, and the appearance of Mason's now obvious scoliosis continues to get worse- I finally took him to see an orthopedic specialist last week. (Well, after a three month wait to get in!) 
                       I expected the doctor to tell me that he did for sure have scoliosis, but definitely not to hear he has it quite severe. A normal healthy spine has a curve of 0 to 15 % (maybe even 20%), but Mason's spine has a 60% curve! From his routine chest x-rays you could see the curve, but that day they took an x-ray of him standing up. And, it is pretty bad. The curve looks like an "S",  the top of the "S"starting on near his left shoulder- curving severely towards his right lung (his only good lung) and then forming the bottom "S" curve- curving down into his left hip. I'll be honest. I was very sad to see this!!! 
                       The main problem would be if the curvature worsens to 70 or 80% it could and most likely would affect Mason's pulmonary output. And, he only has that one good functioning lung!!! What can be done? Possible surgery when he's older (which I'm not a fan of), but for now, once he's walking he will need to be fitted for a back brace. This brace will need to be worn 16-18 hours a day for an indefinite length of months or most likely years. Walking may help lessen the curve some so that's why they want to wait until then. Mason is getting much closer to walking by himself ( He can push our Little Tikes shopping cart by himself!!!). I'm hoping by his birthday he'll walk, but our follow up with the orthopedic doc isn't until February. But really, a brace?? Hasn't Mason been through enough already?? I cried all the way home that day. Why? I'm not sure! Because he has endured much worse!! I guess it's just one more thing to put him through! My poor little superman.
THE SHINE.........He's still alive thanks to his still anonymous donor who I think about each and every day!

Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have
the courage to pursue them.”

Stay tuned for my next post about Mason receiving his "Make A Wish" gift. I'm still gathering up all the pictures.