Monday, February 23, 2015

Back Rod Expansion Surgery

Mason made it to today without getting sick!! After post poning this surgery twice from getting sick, I'm definitely grateful that when today came he was healthy and ready. Mason and I checked at 6am this morning at Primary Children's. Silly boy was so excited to be here! He loves his home away from  home and is one very brave boy! 

They took him back to the OR at 8:00am (only a half hour past the scheduled time, so not bad!) and the procedure took less than an hour. For any one new to our blog, Mason had severe scoliosis which was unrelated to his heart issues. He had a 75% S curve and it was going into his right lung (his only good lung), so three years ago in April he had two expandable rods placed in his back to help straighten his spine. Every 6 months (sometimes it gets stretched to 8 months) he has to get the rods expanded to allow for growth. The doctor makes a 3 inch incision in his mid back to go in and expand the rods. With these expansion procedures the pain really isn't too bad and usually only lasts a couple of days. 

When I got to see Mason in the recovery area he was a a little drowsy and grumpy, but who wouldn't be right?! By 10:00 am we were moved to a room in the post op department where we have stayed all day to get his monthly IVIg infusion treatment. I'll always take a 2 for 1 visit when possible! Mason also had his monthly echo today and his heart looks happy and healthy! yay! The plan is to go home late tonight. Wish us luck! Hopefully Mason won't throw us any curve balls! 

On a side note, look who got glasses!! In the fall Mason didn't pass his eye exam at school or at our pediatrician's office. After waiting 4 months to get into a pedantic opthomologist we found out that sure enough this cute little boy needs glasses. And the good new is that he actually loves wearing them! 

Today while at the hospital I've been working on a February post, but Mason didn't let me finish it. He's been needing some extra cuddles and TLC. I will try to finish it this week. We have two birthdays at our house in February, Braiden and Ammon. Plus we always have lots more going on to keep us hopping at out house. 

Thank you for all the prayers and sweet messages of love this day and always!