Thursday, December 27, 2007

Baby Steps Out of the ICU

Baby Mason continues to amaze us....Yesterday morning they moved Mason out of the ICU and into the children's surgical unit for the rest of his recovery. We were shocked that he was doing well enough for this big step. He is totally doing everything on his own, no oxygen or anything except for his feeding tube. The nurses and I are trying to teach him to take a bottle of breast milk, but he gets tired very easy. Baby Steps!!!! He looks wonderful, especially for what he's been through in his 27 days of life. We are so greatful for the blessings we have seen in our lives this special Christmas season. One very unforgettable Christmas!!! We love you all and continue to be greatful for your prayers. Mason may come home in about 4 or 5 days. And I must say I'm very nervous.

We hope your Holidays are Happy.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas in the ICU

Merry Christmas!!!

Mason is doing well. He has been off the ventilator/breathing tube for almost 6 days now...and slowly over the last week they've removed everything except his feeding tube. Which is amazing. He had so many iv's and different machines and medicines helping support him. Now I can actually hold him!! Its wonderful! He probably has another week and 1/2 in the PICU to monitor his feeding and heart rate/ blood pressure. He is still having some heart arythmias, but they are a lot better now. He is taking medicine orally to help with this and may just come home with the medicine. Thanx for all your continued prayers on his behalf. We love you all. Happy Holidays.

Love Summer and family

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

About Mason's First Surgery

Thanks so much to all of you who have sent your love, concern and prayers to our family and especially to our sweet Mason. His surgery went well yesterday. It took about 5 hours ( which seemed like forever) and the surgeon and cardiologists said everything went as planned. The first 48 hours after the surgery are the toughest and most critical for a little baby and so far he is continuing to be a little fighter. He has done as good as possible today. If all continues to go well he will be in the ICU for 3 more weeks. It is soo hard to not be able to hold him and cuddle him, but I know he is being taken care of by the best of the best. Thanks again for all your prayers. I know it has helped him do so well so far.

Love Summer and family.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mason's Broken Heart

Dear Friends and family,

Most of you know that I had my baby last Friday Nov. 30th his name is Mason Andrew. He and I came home on Sunday. he had arough night that night and in the morning I decided something just wasnt right. We took him back to Pediatrician who was so concerned he sent us by ambulance to the AF hospital. After being there about 45 minutes he "crashed" and they called out CODE BLUE , about 30 people came runnning, dr.'s, nurses, etc.... they then asked mark and i to leave the room..... it was the most horrible experience of my life!!!! but we were being watched over by lots of angels and they saved his life!!! They were able to stabilize him enough to life flight him to Primary Children's Hospital..........and after they got him more stable there, they were able to diagnose the problem. He was born with a defect in his heart. the mitral valve in his left ventrical is too small to allow the correct flow of oxygen and blood to and from his body. He will be having surgery on Monday Morning as long as the rest of his little body continues to remain stable and functioning properly. ( when his body went through all the trauma on Monday his kidney, liver, etc... were also not functioning properly. But he has recovered from all of that remarkedly well, in fact much faster then the dr.s assumed!!! so he is a fighter!)

The surgery he will be having is performed at Primary's about 3 times a month. And our surgeons have been recognized nationally for having the best success rate for this surgery. We feel so blessed!!! he will requie 2 more surgeries to complete the the process or approach the surgeons are taking to help his little heart function as well as possible. those will be around 4-6 months old and the next will be around 3 years old. the first one is the most critical and will have the longest recovery. He will be inthe ICU for 3 weeks post operation. We hope to bring him home fro New Year's. Life changes so quickly. Our family and ward will be fasting for him tomorrow, Sun Dec 9....if you would like to join and remember him in your prayers. We already know so many prayers have been said for him and we know this is why he has recovered so well from his crash. We are so greatful for al your prayers, love, and concern. I must say this is this hardest trial I have faced in my life...but he is a fighter, he will make it, ....He is Miracle Mason!!! ( please excuse my grammar and spelling, Iam totally exhausted )

We love you all!!

Summer, MArk and Family
**In the picture above I got to hold Mason for a few minutes before he went into the operating
room. Our sweet nurse Jean let me hold him because she said it would be several days or more before we could hold him again. Thanks Jean. I cherished every moment!