Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

As a family we feel so very blessed in many, many ways.
We hope this Christmas season brings you and your family
many blessings as well. May we all remember Him whose birth
we commemorate during this season of the year. May our true
Christmas present be the presence of Him, Our Savior, in our
lives throughout the coming year and always. We want to thank
you also for all of your prayers and concern for our little Mason 
 these last 5 years. For this we feel so BLESSED!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Best Birthday Gift

About a week 1/2 after Mason's birthday we received some great news. So great, I considerate it to be the best gift for his 5th birthday! His blood work showed he is now negative for CMV and EBV! Hooray! He since has gotten a second negative for both as well (He will tested weekly for quite awhile to make sure neither one comes back.) With the happy news Mason was switched to the oral med Valcyte from IV med Ganvyclovir to treat and help prevent these nasty viruses from returning to haunt us. 

It is nice to be done with twice daily IV meds, but I will say Mason's PICC line has been VERY nice for all his blood draws.  In fact we have decided to turn Mason's PICC line into a port (scheduled for January 2, 2013) because he has such poor IV access and for one reason or another continues to need lots of blood draws and IV treatments. One example would be his monthly IVIg treatment he's been receiving for 12 months now to treat the Parvo virus he got sick with last December, because he is STILL positive for Parvo. At least these treatments have kept his symptoms under control (very low hematocrit), but so far haven't completely gotten rid of it. That being said..... today we are at Primary's for that monthly IVIG treatment (wishing I were at home getting ready for Christmas!)

Here are a few pictures from Mason's birthday:
The birthday fairy visited again....

and Braiden was the first to wish Mason a happy birthday!

Mason ran around the house with his balloons,
very excited for his birthday this year!

Mason wanted a fire engine birthday cake just
like big brother Ammon had earlier this year.

Mason was one happy 5 year old to receive a 
book all about fire fighters and..... 

his new favorite outfit......
a  BYU football player costume!

With shoulder pads, a helmet, jersey, and 2 pairs of
football pants (fortunately it came with 2, 1 pair
to be worn and 1 pair to be washed!).....

Mason is the cutest 5 year old football player ever!

And he now had a new outfit to wear 24/7.....
no more button down shirts and un-matching ties,
well at least for a while he gave them a break.

I'm not sure what Mason wished for,
but I'm wishing for a year full of health and strength
for our Miracle Mason!!!

Mason had a great little birthday party with some of
his grandparents, siblings, and a few of big brothers' friends
 (who Mason considers to be some of his best friends too).

Mason is outfitted and ready for a good year to come!

"Dream big! Shoot for the moon,
for even if you miss,
you will land amongst the stars!"
~Les Brown