Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September Emotions

      This time of year always fills my heart with many emotions. Besides the excitement of having those last fun moments of the summer, and the kiddos all going back to school, there's the sadness and amazement of my kiddos growing up too fast. I also feel gratitude, joy, and a true confirmation that it is HOPE that keeps us alive! 
        5 years ago on September 3, 2009 we were given the devastating news that Mason was not eligible for the heart transplant he would need to survive, and there was nothing more that could be done for him. We were told his sick heart would probably only last a few more months (click here to read the post about that day). Needless to say, I was heart broken! I felt like my world had shattered! It was Labor Day a few days after this devastating news and it has been a family tradition to spend a day or two up in Park City over Labor Day. As we drove to Park City and then took our kiddos on the alpine slides that year, it was all I could do to hide my constant tears. We had delicately shared the news with our kids, but I didn't want them to see how truly broken my heart was. I wanted life to be as normal as possible for them! 

     Last week on Labor Day we continued our tradition and headed up to Park City for the day. On the drive there, all of the emotions from that day in 2009 came rushing back to me! For a several moments I felt how terrified, sad, and devastated I had felt that year. But as many of you know, we did not give-up and we held on to HOPE as we explored other avenues to save Mason's life. Most days that Fall, holding to just a thread of hope was how I got through the day, for HOPE was all I had!!! 

      As many of you know, after a few long months of diligent research and sending Mason's info to transplant centers across the US, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Lucille Packard Children's Hospital (at Stanford) were the two hospitals that strengthened our HOPE! They believed that Mason would still be able to receive a heart transplant!!! And, in April of 2010 he did receive his amazing new healthy heart at Stanford.....thus my message is: even through a storm of emotion, never let go of HOPE.

Here are our five kiddos together this year on Labor Day in Park City, 
still carrying out our tradition,
5 years after 'the devastating news',
 ....together because of hope, prayer, faith, 
amazing doctors and nurses, miracles, and love!

(And, I do truly believe that Mason still being
here is part of Heavenly Father's plan for him.
Mason must still have lessons to teach us!!!)

Hooray for a fun family day in Park City!!

"Having even a little bit of hope is the driving force that keeps us going 
when there is nothing else for us to hold on to."
~author unknown

and now...


It's hard to to believe that another new school year started on August 20! 
Where did the summer go? 
How does time fly by so fast?
 My children are way too grown up!!! 
Can't they stay little forever?

Kaitlin -10th grade at Lone Peak High School

Braiden- 6th grade at Westfield Elementary

      Ammon- 4th grade at Highland Elementary 

Mason- Kindergarten at Westfield Elementary

My thoughts on Mason's first day of school that I posted on Instagram:
"Miracle Mason started kindergarten today! He was so excited! As for me, my eyes filled with tears to say goodbye! Tears of joy for something normal for this tough little guy who's been through so much, but also tears of nervousness and anxiety to let him go!! But, this mama bear already held him back from starting kindergarten last year, can't hold him back forever I guess!! Cheers to a fun and healthy school year!! 

Mason let me wait with him before school on the first day of school, because there were lots of other parents there too... But, not anymore. He wants to go all by himself just like the other kids!! So this mama bear watches from the car until the bell rings and he has safely walked into class. It is so so  hard to let go!!

Mason's teacher handed out this "lifesaver" letter to his classmates, 
just like we did last year, to help them understand how important it 
is not to come to school sick and spread yucky germs around! 
Hopefully this will help Mason stay healthy!!

Mason loves school, but definitely comes home 
exhausted and ready for a nap!
  But hey, my other kiddos come home tired too! 
This cute picture is of Kaitlin and Ammon who came home
 after school one day and fell asleep together on the couch. 
Oh, how would it be to be a kid again?!

I'm sorry for the long break between blog post, but always remember no news is good news! We did have a super fun and very busy summer, so I have a lot of great pictures to share. I've slowly been working on a summer post, so hopefully I'll finish it soon!

I hope all of you sweet Miracle Mason followers had a great summer too and have had a great start to the new school year!