Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to School Time Has Come Again

The summer sure flew by and it's hard to believe that the kids all returned to school 3 weeks ago on August 22! As I think about this school year I tend to think back to 6 years ago before Mason was born. For me, it feels like there are two time periods in my life, the "before Mason was born" and the "after Mason was born". He has changed my life, our family's life, and the things we do as a family. BUT, I wouldn't change this for anything! He is the light of our lives! Having said this though, it is hard to believe how grown up all of my kids have become since Mason was born. At that time I had a 3rd grader, 1st grader, preschooler, and a toddler. Now look what I have.....

Kaitlin is 9th Grade!

Preston is in 7th Grade!

Braiden is in 5th Grade!

Ammon is in 3rd Grade!

And here's the most exciting news.....
Drum roll please.....

Mason started preschool!!

Yes, he should be starting kindergarten, but
with much thought I decided to hold him
back and start with preschool. He hasn't had
the chance to do any kind of schooling out-
side of our home and he's so so little that
I thought he'd get trampled over in kinder-
garten! I feel much better about a preschool
class of 12 kids 2x a week to start with, rather
than a kindergarten class of 30 kids 5x a week.

Following the great example of some my 
heart mommy friends, I sent the above 
letter home with Mason's classmates to
explain a little about Mason's heart and to ask
 them to please stay home when they are sick.
Hopefully He can have a fun healthy year!

Let's just say, Mason was very excited to go.
He didn't shed even 1 tear or ask for me at all!
As for me, I was terrified to send him!
I sat in the parking lot the 1st day too worried 
to leave! But I will say it is definitely a
to send my Miracle Mason to school!
For, 4 years ago this Month
we were told Mason's months left to live
were few and numbered. So, at the start
of this school year I will say that
September to our family means 
Look at Mason now!!!

(Kaitlin and Mason)

Happy new school year to 
my wonderful children!!!
I love you and hope this is a great year!

(Today Mason and I have been at Primary's since 7am for transplant clinic and then his monthly 12 hour IVIg infusion. We hope to be done and headed home by midnight! Clinic went well. Mason's echo looked good and stable, still unaffected by the rejection he's been experiencing. He will have another biopsy the 3rd or 4th week of October. October 10th will be Mason's next back rod expansion surgery. My goal today was to finish this post and also my "Summer Time Fun" post which is full of lots of pictures, but my computer is being really slow. I promise to finish and post that one soon. )