Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 13 at the Hotel on the Hill

Yes it is true, Mason is still here recovering on day 13 post back surgery. But, this still hasn't surpassed the time we expected. Mason likes to take baby steps and even sometimes backwards steps. The good news is since my last post all of Mason's baby steps have been forward positive steps towards getting us home!

The cough assist and suctioning has really helped get most of the junky secretions moving and out before they made is lungs sick. Although, Mason has absolutely hated these treatments and begins to cry as soon as the respiratory therapists come in the room! It's so sad! I will say though, even though he gets upset about the treatments he completely cooperates. He just wants `me to hold his hand. What a trooper!

He is coughing much better on his own now, so today we are doing a trial day without any respiratory treatments. If he does well without them, then we may be looking at going home tomorrow! Shhh....I don't want to jinx myself!

Mason is still needing about a 1/2 liter of O2's. The hope was to get him back to his baseline of room air during the day before we went home, but if we have to go home on oxygen then at least we'll be home where he will heal faster anyways. And he'll be out of the hospital not picking up new germs! The docs are thinking the need of O2's is probably the combination of this nasty cold and cough that came on after being on the ventilator and him still needing to be on OxyCodone round the clock for his back pain. The OxyCodone  can be causing him to not take deep enough breaths because of feeling drowsy.

As for the back surgery.....Mason is recovering well. Still seems to be in pain, thus the need for round the clock pain meds. Twice a day with the physical therapist he has taken 40-50 steps with his walker. They are slow baby steps and he acts like it hurts, but he does it! What a champion! Hopefully at home he will be more motivated to get up and move around.

As for his healthy heart that we are so very grateful for.....everything has remained very stable though all of this. Mason had an echo on Friday and the results were great. His heart function is beautiful and very healthy! Hooray!

Thank you to Daddy and the kids for all of the fun visits, to those who have brought meals into our family, the sweet gifts and letters, help with carpools, and most importantly all of your prayers and concern.


Unknown said...

I cannot believe the picture of those 2 rods in Mason's back! Oh my gosh you guys have been thru WAY WAY too much!!! I am so sorry that he had such a horrific surgery and that he is in pain after all he has faced. I hope you have lots of visits from family and friends in your favorite hotel, and that you feel loved and cared for. Mason is in my prayers for a super fast recovery and for the pain meds to work right and him to have his happy smile back. Hang in there, Sum and look for peace and joy in the little steps and blessings.

madelyn said...

I pray you can get home soon. I am glad things are moving forward, even if it is a bit slow, and that Mason's heart has withstood this trauma without impact. Praying for continued good days ahead.