Monday, June 9, 2008

Surgery is done!

Mason is doing well! At 12:oo Bonnie,came to tell us they were done operating and had just taken him off the heart, lung bypass machine . and that Dr kouretas would be out to talk to us in an hour when they were done in the operating room.

At 1:15 Dr. Kouretas came out and said all went well! He also said that he would have removed the clot, but it was gone! What a miracle. He was on the bypass machine 100 minutes and came off well. We are going to see him right now in the PICU. We had to wait an hour. Will post with anything new. Thanx for all your prayers. Sincerely, Summer


Shauntelle ~ said...

Yea Mason!!! We will continue to send prayers your way. We know that recovery is the next hurdle. Way to go!!!

Ashly said...

hey summer, its ashly lark. i just wanted to refer you to our friends blog who also has a baby with the same heart problem. thought you might enjoy getting in touch with her and vice versa. im so glad you created the blog so we can keep up on how little mason is doing! thanks for all the emails too! good luck! we love you guys!

Stef said...

Wow, I am so glad to see Mason made it through his surgery! I am Gracie's Aunt and friend of Karen Larson's (our girls carpool to dance together). I get updates on Mason from time to time. I hope all goes well with his recovery! These babies sure are watched over from above. Best of luck to you and your family.
Stephanie Richards

Rachelle said...


I am so glad to here things went well. You are an amazingly strong mother. This would be so hard. All four of my babies have been in the NICU when they are born due to being born way early. I know how it feels to not be able to hold your little one when they have a bunch of IV's and a ventalator down there throat. It breaks your heart not to be able comfort them in your arms. However, I loved your poem because that is what always gave me strength at these times is that I knew Heavenly Father was there to comfort them too! Hang in there. I just wanted you to know he is in our prayers at our house and that I am so glad that you have this website so that we can keep updated so that we can help pray for him and support you guys. What a hard thing! You are amazing! Love Rachelle

Also we will be in Utah the 21st through the 27th. We are staying in pleasent grove with my Sister's in laws. I would love to see you guys. Give me a call when you get through this in the next week and maybe we can coordinate somthing! All my Love, Rachelle