Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mason is good but, Insurance Issues are a Pain!

Mason is a little happier each day. Monday he had a check up at our Pediatrician, Dr. Todd Whiting, and he was so impressed with how good he looks. He weighed in at 11 lbs 3 oz, which is back up to his pre-surgery weight! He is little but his growth is steady. His sats were good too. He still is just not sleeping too good, but Dr. Whiting gave us some Tylenol 3 to try and that has made a difference. He will go a whole 3 hours at night which is better! I'm assuming his headaches are worse when he is tired and when I lay him down. Although, I do try and keep his head elevated. However, his smiles are back, now we just need to give him some good time to fully recover.

The pain now for me is all the issues with our health insurance and Mason's medical bills! Sometimes it puts me in tears, cuz it is just not fair when you have a baby with very critical health problems, and you are having to fight with the insurance over bills they should be covering. And you don't ever get someone on the other side of the phone call who has any idea what you have been through! We did finally hear yesterday that we finally won something we have been appealing over Mason's January PICU bills. This was good, but it seems to be never ending! Mason received Institutional Medicaid as a secondary insurance for Dec. and Jan. because he was in the hospital for more than 30 consecutive days (48 to be exact), which we thought was a huge blessing, but to get our own insurance to coordinate and cooperate with them has been absolutely horrible! Mason did not qualify after January for Medicaid, because if you have more than $10 in the bank its almost impossible. We as Americans need better health care coverage overall!!!! That's my soap box for the day.

Don't get me wrong though. Mason is worth every penny and every ounce of stress! Mommy loves you Miracle Mason.


summer said...


Camille Bailey Aagard said...

American needs HEALTH CARE REFORM!!!! I can't believe health insurance CEOs are sitting in their yachts today while their peons tell people like you and Mark that they're not covered. Disgusting! On a more positive note, I LOVE Dr. Whiting. His wife, Christy, is one of my best friends. You're in good hands. We love you, Mason! Fight on!

queenieweenie said...

Hey Summer! Traci gave me your blog address. I'm so happy to hear your cute Mason is doing better. There is nothing worse than sick kids. My dear friend had a baby in the NICU for 100 days last year. What a roller-coaster.

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Simmons Family: said...

I'm so thrilled that Mason is doing so well (and sleeping too!) The Glenn is a magical surgery and they just seem to become "regular" babies after that.

Good luck with the insurance... it's brutal. I had to go back to work full time graveyard to keep the double insurance coverage on Owen or else I wouldn't be able to afford all this. And... we also do not qualify for ANY other assistance. It's a bummer.

Heart hugs and prayers,
Owen's Momma

Gourley Family said...

I am sorry that insurance is a hassle. It was so hard to continue getting bills after both Lilly and Ryker passed away. He was in the NICU at the U of U hospital for about an hour, yet we ended up getting about 4 different bills for that short of time-span, up to 4 months after he had passed. It is incredibly frustrating, but like you said, they are worth every penny! Todd Whiting is an awesome and kind Dr, Mason is definitely in great hands! Keep us posted!
Heart Hugs,
Emily and Mike

Emily said...

Hey Summer! Thanks for telling me about your blog. It's good to keep up with your family. Time goes by so quickly! Good luck with everything! Your family will be in our prayers.

Jamie said...

Hey Summer, I was finally able to sit down and check out your blog. It was great seeing you at Kohler's the other day. You should send Preston over to play with Tyson. We'll pray for your little sweet heart! So glad to hear he's improving!