Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Home Again!!!

What a great surprise! Today on rounds the dr's said Mason was doing so good they did not see any reason for him not to go home! So we packed our things up and brought Miracle Mason home this afternoon. He is all smiles because he is back home. He does not want to see anymore green scrubs for awhile. He is still on some lortab for the headaches, but seems to be feeling much better. He just need lots of rest. It takes the heart 6-8 weeks to recover from surgery. I will post more and some pictures tomorrow hopefully. Mason and our other 4 kiddos need me right now.


Janie said...

Congrats Summer & Mark,

So happy to hear Mason's home and doing well. We check his blog every day for updates and are so happy he's such a tough little camper.

Janie & gang

Gourley Family said...

So great that your family is home together! I hoped that it would not be long before you were home. Let us know if we could do anything, food, babysitting, etc.
Heart hugs,
Emily and Mike

Mandee said...

that is the best news ever! Yay!

Michael said...

Hey Guys:

It's always good news to hear when Mason and the family are together because that's the way it should be. We sure miss being close to you folks. Give the kiddos hugs and kisses from us, and Mark & Summer, you guys are incredible parents given your circumstances. We love you guys.

Love, Mike & Sue

Ingram Family said...

Yeah Mason!!! We are so thrilled that everything went so well. Love - Amy

Cord said...

Great news. Thanks for the awesome blog. We pray for you guys every night!


Marcae said...

Yay! Welcome home Miracle Mason!