Monday, June 9, 2008

Mason is a bit cranky!

We have just spent the last few hours with Mason. He is quite cranky and you can tell he does not feel very good. They say he most likely has a major headache. We also found out he lost quite a lot of blood when they finished surgery, that is what took Dr. Kouretas a while longer to come talk to us. Probably because of the Lovenox shots(blood thinner) he has been on for that clot. Yay, no more shots, because of he disappearing act the clot has performed! Anyways he has had 2 blood transfusions and the bleeding has slowed way down. So now they are doing spontaneous trials to get him off the ventalator. Yes, already!! Much quicker than the first surgery. Hopefully he will do well and get it out. I think he will feel much better with out that down his throat. He gets quite agitated with us around. He knows we are standing there, even all the pain meds. I know he just wants us to snuggle him and Oh how i want too! maybe tomorrow they said! Wow that would be quick compared to last time, but certainly wonderful.

I forgot the computer attachment to post a picture. So if we go home tonight we will do it then. Thanx for all your support.

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Deb said...

I am so glad to hear he is doing better than expected. It sounds like he has great docs. I am glad he is through the surgery. I hope you get a good nights rest! after such a long and intense day. I keep praying for you.