Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mason's Tearful Moments

Mason had a pretty good day. He got his chest tubes out and I think this helped him feel a bit more comfortable. His swelling has come down a lot and he looks much better. He is still quite sedated but he did not need any paralytic meds today. He awoke several times to see us and seemed comforted by having us by him. But, a few times he reached to hold my finger, got a sad look on his face and would try to cry, but with a the breathing tube down his throat he couldn't. Instead, his little swollen eyes would fill up with tears and roll down his little cheeks. As I reached for a tissue to wipe his tears I then began to cry. This is so hard! Harder than the first surgery because I am so much more attached to my baby. He is six months old and wants his Mommy (his comfort blanket) to hold him and rock him to sleep. He knows so much more than when he was a newborn. One of the attending dr.s walked by during one of these tearful moments and decided to give him a different med to relax him. It seemed to help, because he was peacefully sleeping when we left to come home tonight.

Tomorrow they plan to start weaning him from the ventilator, hopefully extubated on Sat. And he will get a floroscopy on his diaghram. Also, he has been getting "mommy's milk" through a NJ feeding tube. So after he is off the vent he will need to do a swallow study to see how his function is because of the aspirating episode. If all is well then he will get to start feeding by mouth again.

Thank you to Mason's little heart buddies who have come to visit as well as other friends and family. Everyone is so wonderful to help at home with kids and meals too. We love you and keep praying for our Miracle Mason.

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Cameron said...

Mark and Summer - God has obviously trusted you with a very special little boy. We love you and are praying for Mason, you guys and your whole family.
Cameron and Chelsea