Monday, June 9, 2008

Surgery Day

So, we got here at 6am and then at 7am Dr. Kouretas came to visit us and explained what he planned to do during Mason's surgery. In addition to the normal Glenn procedure, connecting the Superior vena ceva to the pulmonary artery, he also plans to do some repair on his tricuspid valve because there is mild to moderate leakage. This is more than we had known about, but we know he will do what's best for our baby.

At 7:40 we said our goodbyes and gave Mason kisses, then they took him to the operating room.

At 9:00 they called to tell us that they had him all prepped, had his lines in and they were about to get started.

At 10:00 Bonnie, the Cardiothorasic N.P., came to tell us they had just got him on the heart-lung(bypass) machine, because of scar tissue it took a little longer this time to get to the area they will be working on, and then they started the Bypass.

At 11:00 Bonnie came to tell us he did the repair on the valve, and now was beginning to work on the SVC attachment (Glenn). He will probably be in surgery untill 1pm.

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Tiffany said...

Just wanted to let your family know we are thinking of you on this big day. We hope and pray that everything goes well and that Mason has a speedy recovery. We'll keep good thoughts!
Tiff and Stef
(Gracie's Aunts)