Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Rough Night

I should have known things were just going a little too smoothly. Last night they had to re-intubate (breathing tube back in) him cuz he was extremely struggling to keep his o2 sats up! It was a horrible phone call to get at midnight! They aren't exactly sure what set him off. Possibly, he aspirated taking the bottles yesterday, or possibly an infection... they have run blood tests to see if its RSV or something nasty like that . We will know later this morning. For now, he is more sedated again because of the breathing tube and they started some strong antibiotics to cover if there is an infection. Poor little guy! He was doing so good. Please remember him in your prayers today. I will update later.


tammymiller said...

Dear Mark & Summer,

Baby Mason and your family continues to be in our prayers. He is such a fighter. We pray that the days ahead will be easier for him. We pray that your family may continue to feel the love of the Savior and our Father in Heaven. It's so good to know that he is in great hands at Primary Children's. We appreciate all the updates on Miracle Mason. What a miracle he truly is.

Dave & Tammy Miller & family

Rachelle said...

We are praying for him. He is a trooper! What a cute little boy. We are praying for you too! Hang in there.

Love Rachelle