Friday, June 13, 2008

Road Trip to Radiology

Mason is just sleeping the day away. I think he is starting to feel better, he is still getting different pain meds and anxiety meds but they have come way down on his doses, and he has been resting most of the day. i am so glad because that is what he needs. When he has awoken I have held his hand, rubbed his head, wiped a few tears from his eyes, and then he falls back to sleep. All his labs have come back good and he is breathing above the ventilator today. So they have started to come down on his ventilator rate to wean him, and will do spontaneous trials tonight. Hopefully they will extubate him tomorrow!

Mason took a road trip down to radiology for the floroscopy on his diaghram. And boy what an ordeal, taking all his medicine pumps, monitors, and the ventilator along for the ride. I wish I had taken a video. Anyways, his diaghram was just fine. Yeah! Then on Monday they will do a swallow study, (they watch him swallow barium over x-ray), just to make sure there is no problem before he can feed by mouth. Possibly we will move to the 3rd floor on Sunday.

Also, Mason has one of his favorite nurses today, Jean. (She let me hold him before and after his 1st surgery when other nurses said he had too many lines in still!) All the nurses are fabulous though. They are so well educated and you know he is always in good hands in the PICU.

Thanks always for all the love and service.


Gourley Family said...

Sounds like today has been a better day. Yeah for the PICU nurses. I think that the nurses have good intentions, they just really have never personally experienced what it is like to have a baby sick and not "able" to be held. I am such the patient advocate now, and it comes from having Ryker @PCMC and being told that we could not hold him. Anyways, hope things continue to improve!
Heart hugs and prayers,
Emily and Mike

Anderson Family said...

Hi I found your blog link on Kaidence's page.

I know we never met, but I wanted to tell you we had our little girl in the PICU around the same time as yours in nov-Dec 2007. Her name is Mariska. I remember walking by and seeing Mason's name on one of the beds, and when I saw his name on Kaidence's page I was excited to see if it was the same Mason!
I'm so glad to hear he's starting to feel better! Our little heart babies have so many trails to over come.
Its crazy we both had HLHS babies in the same hospital at the same time and didnt even know, But its not like we had any stress or worries to cloud our minds.

Wishing you the best, and For things to go smoothly-- so you can get your sweet little boy home with you soon.

Mariskas' mommy HLHS 7 months (post norwood 11.19.07, post Glenn 04.16.08)