Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mason is 6 months old!

(1) Mason sits in my bathroom sink while I get ready for the day.
(2)Mason is just a few days shy of 6 months old in this photo & loves to play w/ his hands.

Happy 6 months old b-day Mason ! (Last Friday , May 3oth, actually). Wow! alot has happened in the last six months. But, what we are most grateful for is.. each and everyday we have had with our little Mason and being able to watch him become such a special little person. He lights up when our other kids talk to him and play with him. He smiles at everyone. He is so irresistibly cute, so that's why he can get away with wanting to be held all the time! We love the sweetness he adds to our home. Mason we love you!

His surgery is still planned for next Monday, June 9th. We take him in on Sunday for preop tests etc.. We plan to be there about 2 weeks this time (I sure hope). It breaks my heart to think about him being opened up again & going through this all over again. Although, I know its time, he is needing O2 most of the time now, and just does not feel well. I just have to remind myself we are not sent trials that we can not handle!! Mason is so strong! Stronger than me! Please remember him in your prayers, especially on Monday.

So, summer vacation has started hear in Utah, and my sanity is being tested! But, I must say Mason loves having his brothers and sister around. It's just my energetic Ammon who is always trying to compete with Mason for my attention. Life would be quite dull without that though, right? And so here's the good news, we just hired a much needed "mother's helper"(we were unable to find someone to live in our basement for trade). She is a neighbor and my kids already love her. We are so excited, Thanx Sami for excepting the job! Thanx also to all those who are helping with our kids during the surgery week.


Ingram Family said...

It's great to keep up with you through your blog. We hope that the 2nd surgery goes smoothly. Let me know how I can help. - Amy

Cassie Kerby said...

You brought tears to my eyes. Summer YOU are so strong. What a sweet baby, I love the pictures. I wish somehow we could go to lunch or I could bring you lunch and just visit. You truly are an amazing lady!

Gourley Family said...

We are praying for you guys! I talked to Jenny Davis this morning and I will be e-mailing you her e-mail address! I told her about your blog, but you may want to email the actual site to her! Praying all goes well and know our thoughts are with you! We will tell Lilly and Ryker to keep an eye on Mason and protect him.
Heart hugs,
Emily and Mike

Mandee said...

I love that picture of him in your sink! So cute!

sk_skaggs said...

Cute pics! I sent u the wrong blog address it's shayneandkamyskaggs.blogspot.com

Roxanne Dimacale said...

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