Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday is a great day!

Mason is doing very good considering all that he has been through this week. He had all his lines taken out, including the pacer wires, so it was much easier to hold him today. I was able to nurse him and rock him to sleep a few times. It was wonderful. He still has an NG (feeding) tube 'cuz he won't take a bottle from the nurses and I needed to go home tonight so we could have dinner as a family for Father's Day. He is such a stinker! But Oh how we love him and so glad he was happier today. He is still a bit irritable like he still has some pain, understandingly so, but a little medicine seems to take the edge off. He is breathing great and is just on a 1/4 liter of O2, probably will come home without, well I sure hope so. Or Ammon will be back to playing with the O2 generator again!

Mark and I went to church at the hospital today and it was a very special meeting. One thing especially stood out to me in a story that was told. Someone was asking Heavenly Father in prayer, "why is this happening to my child?" and the answer he felt and heard was "who are you...this is my child too." Wow, how that hit me. The pain my little Mason feels from having his broken heart is just as hard for Heavenly Father to watch as it is for us. We are never alone, especially during our most sad moments.

So, Mason will be moved to the 3rd floor in the morning. He was ready today, but the docs prefer not to transfer on the weekends, because there is less of a staff up on the floor. That is okay with me because he is watched a lot closer in the PICU and I feel more comfortable leaving him. Thanks to all if you who continue to pray for Mason and our family. We could not do this without all your support.


Anonymous said...

Summer and Mark,
Mason looks so good!!He truly is your little miracle. I love all the updates.


Shauntelle ~ said...

Way to go Manson!!! Sounds like things are moving right along. I also had an interesting experiance as to why Kaidence was still suffering as I knelt and begged for the Lord to take her if he needed her. I had tryed so hard to learn all that I thought that the Lord wanted me to learn. I asked what have I not learned that thou wants me to learn? I then recieved an overwhelming feeling that OTHERS besides myself had things to learn from Kaidence. It was true, I look at all the lives this little girl has touched and I wouldn't have changed a thing.