Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Just Okay" RESULTS!!!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I didn't have the results from the
biopsy yet! Talk about anxiety!!! Then I was going to at least post
last night that I would get the results this afternoon for all of
Miracle Mason's loyal followers who
get almost as anxious as Miracle Mason's mom and had been waiting
for yesterday's post, BUT my laptop died!!!

I am attempting to post this from Mark's iPhone because I just dropped
off my laptop at the Apple store and they will have it for a WEEK!
What will I do without my life line?!!

Here's my JUST OKAY post:
I just received Mason's biopsy results. They are not awful but nor are
they the "0" we celebrated two weeks ago unfortunately. He is at a 1r
rejection! So 2 notches up from "0" (it goes 0 1a 1r 2a 2r...... With
4r being the worst) but at least it's not 3r like it was on April
16th! So, as I said the news is JUST OKAY. Not what I had hoped for!

At least Mason and I have Mark and Preston here who came and surprised
us for the weekend. They will help us find the sunshine.

I don't know the dr's plans yet. I will post again with their plans when I can.

Please pray with our family that this rejection will come back down asap.


Bob and Joan said...

In this far away country the electricity goes out every day. Just as I was checking on Mason it went out. It makes you feel hopeless. This time it was a short downturn. That seems like what we should be asking for you. We will pray that the number will just be there briefly and then we can all rejoice with you for a zero!

kurtis said...

I'm glad your family is there with you, enjoy the day :) Good luck we are thinking of you!

Pamela Wiscombe said...

Hang in there Mason. Let's hope that the number drops quickly and you continue on your road to freedom and family. Hope that the hearts of the doctors are touched and lead to give Mason the best treatment plan possible so that the numbers drop quickly and the sun keeps shining. :)

Jennifer said...

:] thinking of you and praying for you too.

The Simmons Family said...

We're praying that a hefty dose of anti rejection meds and/or IVIG will do the trick! They said to expect some rejection comeback and it's not as bad as it was. Keep looking at the sunshine and we'll be praying that whatever the next treatment is, that it keeps Mason OUT of the hospital!

Enjoy your time with Mark and Preston!

Lyndsay said...

Found you through Gracie's Blog. I will be praying for your family, especially for your dear sweet Miracle Mason!