Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Biopsy 4 Tomorrow

I certainly don't have as much time to blog now that we are out of the hospital. But, Mason and I do try to fit in our daily walk (and or run) to see all the beautiful May flowers. When I'm not playing pharmacist or nurse that is!!! We've also been over at the hospital already Monday and today for blood draws. (These are to check his Cyclosporin level, CBC, and electrolyte levels). Plus, today was Mason's clinic visit with the Transplant team. Dr. Chin was very pleased with how well Mason appears to be doing.........although tomorrow will give us a better idea of how well he is really doing!

Mason has a 6:30 am check-in time for his Biopsy 4. He will also have an echo cardiogram following his biopsy. Oh how I hope and pray with all my heart that the results will come back with another "0" rejection!! Please keep a special prayer in your hearts tomorrow that Mason will be safe in the cath lab, that his biopsy results will show ZERO rejection, and that his heart function remains excellent.

Following his biopsy we will go to the short stay unit for a Citugam IV infusion. It is a 4-6 hour infusion which is very similar to IVIg. Mason has been getting them every two weeks since his transplant. Just one more way to keep his body from making the bad rejecting antibodies.

I will update tomorrow sometime!


Steph said...

Sending prayers your way...for miracle mason, you and your dear family!

Bob and Joan said...

We are praying that the desires of your heart will be met in the result of the test and that Mason will be relaxed and weather it all well - and that the many hours will seem shorter than they are!

The Simmons Family said...

We'll be praying for a great biopsy tomorrow!! I hope the short stay goes well too. That's where I stay with Owen after his caths.

Good luck :)

Emily@Little Forever Family said...

We of course will be praying for Mason! Hoping to hear good news!!! And man do I feel bad because you are way busier than I am and I seriously need to exercise!!!

Melynda said...

We're praying for you guys. Hope the results come back from the biopsy tomorrow pass with flying colors!

Heart hugs


Michelle said...

Summer... I'm so happy that Mason is doing SO good! It is amazing what happens to our babies when they receive their new heart.
We too are sending prayers your way for tomorrw. We love you and Mason! You are an amazing mom! Your examples have made me a better mom. Thank you!

Good luck tomorrow. I'll be anxiously standing by my computer waiting for results.