Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Miss........

Mason and I had a special visitor this last weekend. Mark! Daddy! Oh it was so sweet to see how excited Mason was when Mark walked into our little ‘home away from home’! We had a great weekend together, sightseeing a bit of this beautiful bay area we are calling home right now. I can’t believe I grew up in Southern California and never visited Northern. It is absolutely gorgeous here.

We went to Half Moon Bay and even found the famous “Maverick Surf Shop”. We also drove up to San Francisco, walked around Fisherman’s Warf, saw some real street dancers having a ‘dance off’, and ate some yummy seafood. We exhausted little Mason! By the time we took Mark back to the airport on Sunday, Mason was pooped out! Thanks for coming Mark!!

Even though we got to spend 3 nice days w/ Daddy, now I want to see my other 4 kiddos who are at home in Utah. I can’t believe it was 4 weeks ago yesterday that I said goodbye to our family for an indefinite amount of time! Oh how I miss them (and so does Mason too!)! In fact, Kaitlin had foot surgery today and I’m not even there to hold her and love her as she recovers! Now I’m crying just writing this!!

Kaitlin before her foot surgery this morning that I missed!

I MISS…………

Waking my kids up for school

The crazy mornings getting everyone out the door

Cleaning up all the messes

Our morning prayer and kisses good bye

Chasing someone out the door cuz they forgot their lunch

Saying “ I love you, but don’t call me if your cold” to my silly boys who want to wear shorts to school when it’s snowing out

Trying to find clean socks for a certain kiddo because they’re all in the bottom of his bed dirty

Helping Kaitlin do her hair while buttering toast and holding Mason

Ammon finding me at 2am wherever I am rocking or walking Mason telling me, “Ammon hungry. Ammon want snack.” and then trying to rock both of them

Doing 4 loads of laundry everyday (don’t think I’m only got washed not folded)

Wondering: “what should I fix for dinner or will it be okay to serve cold cereal again?”

Hollering at the the kids “Wash your hands please” when they come in the house

Thanking the kids for FINALLY doing their chores even though they cried and said, “You are so mean! No one else has to do chores”

Wiping gobs of toothpaste off the sink

Wiping sticky fingerprints off the fridge

Picking up granola bar or gum wrappers that “I didn't Do It” left on the floor

The crazy ‘bewitched’ hours after school when I have to say a million times, ”you can play AFTER you do your homework”

Fixing dinner while giving practice spelling tests

Sitting with the kids while they read to me

Rocking Ammon before bed at night and then putting him in bed when he asks “mom, sleep over with Ammon please?’

Taking care of sick kiddos (3 of them had strep last week)

Cleaning up more messes

Doing dishes again (or helping the one who's chore it is)

Watching Mason dance with the kids or follow them around the house

And I could go on and on, but most of all what I miss..........

are all my daily kisses and hugs from Mark, Kaitlin, Preston, Braiden, & Ammon!!!

And I must take this time to say THANKYOU to Sammi who has been our lifesaver & wonderful blessing who is doing all of the above in my place!!! Thank you to all those who lend her a hand too! And Thank you to Mark who is trying to play Mr. Mom at night after working all day too! I couldn't be here w/ our Miracle Mason if it weren't for all of you at home taking care of my family!


Mindi D said...

:( I really needed to read that today so thank you. :) Hang in there.
Libbi's mom

The Simmons Family said...

Oh.. all the things we take for granite until we are taken from them. I can't imagine what it's like to be away from your other kiddos. My heart just aches when I think about that time for us.

I'm glad Mark was able to come visit and spend some time with Mason and you. I'm sure it gave you that extra spring in your step.

Foulgers said...

We saw your sweet family this past week. It was great!! Hope things are going well. Thanks for the update..

Love Aunt Tiff and the rest of the Foulgers

Colette Roundy said...

You don't know me but I recently met your husband at the SLC Hunting Expo. My husband, Travis Roundy and he served in the same mission in Brazil. Your story has touched me so deeply. Thank you for teaching me not to take things for granted. We have six children and I can totally relate to the list that you just made :) Especially the laundry part and even funnier the I didn't get it all folded yet part!
You guys have amazing faith and I am so thankful that I was in SLC at that time to hear your story. I just wished that I lived closer so that I could help your family here at home. Mark, if you read this you are welcome to bring your family down here anytime. We are loving the spring weather this week! Your kids would love it here!
My family are all now very familiar with your website and your Miracle Mason. Thank you for sharing your example with us.

Thank you for putting things into a better perspective for me on the day to day job as a Mom. I needed to hear that today!

Take care,
Colette Roundy

Anonymous said...

Dear Summer,
I was with Mark and Kaitlin at the hospital today. Mark was so tender with Kaitlin and she tried to be so brave. The nurses were so impressed the way she said please and thank you when she was not feeling well. You could tell she was well trained to be courtious under stress. I was at your house Tues. night and Wed. morning, your little family seems to be doing well. We love you and miss you.

Love, Gma Marilyn

Christina said...

Amazing coincidences. My daughter shared a recovery room with your daughter yesterday (my 4 year old had her tonsils out). I wish I had recognized your family so I could have said hi and told him that I was praying for your family. What a small world. I hope your daughter's recovery goes well. Seeing you husband with his arm around your daughter pre-surgery in the waiting room was very sweet (we watched "cash cab" together :) Hoping for that amazing phone call for Mason soon.

Love, hugs and Prayers from one heart family to another,

Heart Momma to Jacob

Jennifer said...

:{ I guess it takes being away from all the "mommy chores" to make them feel like the blessings they are. Thanks for that reminder.

Praying for ya and Mr. Mason!

Emily@Little Forever Family said...

Oh my goodness Summer! My heart is aching for your little family! I cannot wait to see Mason healthy and pink, and your family back together!!

Angies Support Team said...

I would really love to share a verse with you. When I was getting ready to be put on the list The Lord showed me this verse, Proverbs 3:24 " When you lie down, you will not be afraid; Yes, you will lie down and your sleep will be sweet." I am sure that Mason doesn't have the same fears that you do. (Talk about child-like-faith huh?) But to me it just showed like, God is going to be with the hands that are working on his little heart, and God is also holding Mason in His arms, AND He is laying next to him. (: It was one of the most encouraging verses to me as I was going through everything. (: Thought I would share it! (: Praying!!!!

Keri said...

What a beautiful post, Sum. As others, said, you truly miss most the things you probably took for granted before your month away, and that I def. do every day, as I complain about the daily chores of the greatest job: mothering these sweet little ones, right?
I wish we were neighbors so I could give Sammi a break for a day and help Mark at home.
You hang in there and the Bryants are praying for Miracle Mason and his new heart. Every one of us, every nite and meal.
I love you and am sending you hugs