Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Celebrating 27 Months

Every new month with our Miracle Mason deserves a CELEBRATION !
We are so grateful for his love of life, his happy personality,
and his constant smile even w/ all he's been through in his life!

Here are a few pictures from this last month:

Sweet Mason and big sis Kaitlin sound to sleep! Sometimes
Kaitlin has laid by Mason at night if I still had things
to get done before I could go to bed too! This night they
both must have been very tired.......so precious..(.Thanks Kaitlin!)

Ammon about to give baby brother Mason a kiss.......
so sweet, but "please don't wake him! He needs his rest!"

We celebrated 2 birthdays at our house in February
before Mason and I came to California:

Braiden turned 7 on February 8th! I love you Braiden!

Ammon turned 5 on February 27th , but we celebrated early!
Cute little boy thought it was his birthday ALL month long!
I Love you Ammon!

Mason's favorite parts about all the birthday celebrations
were the balloons and the music. Oh how he loves to dance!

"Look at me, I'm standing!" Mason pulls himself to a stand
all day long and he's starting to cruise furniture......
will he walk before he gets his new heart?!

This is the 'I want to smile, but I don't know you' look
Mason often gives when he's met some one new.
He just wants to make sure your not a nurse coming
to give 'owies'. Do you blame him?

As I was putting away and trying to organize our things
in our new temporary home (Thank you Brand Family)
Mason got into the kitchen drawers, found a pot, carried
it over to the treadmill, and began playing some extremely
noisy 'music'!! When I asked him what he was doing......
He smiled very big, laughed, and continued on with his
band practice. (Yes, and I'm loving the treadmill too!)

May there be many more months and years to
celebrate with our Miracle Mason!


The Simmons Family said...

Happy 27 Months Mason!! We can't wait to meet you when you're 29 months!!

cici said...

Melt my heart. happy 27 months little man.

She Made Mention said...

He is absolutely beautiful!