Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Still Here

Okay, so my thought of a 2 day stay at the "Hotel on the Hill" has so far become a 6 day stay!! I have wanted to update the blog more often, but I don't have a lap top and it is hard to get out of Mason's room to use one of the hospital computers.

For the most part Mason is doing much better today. Yesterday in the morning he had some issues w/ some low heart rates and then yesterday afternoon his sats began to drop and had to be bumped up to 2 liters of O2. Every medical team from cardiology to pulminolgy to the general pediatrics team had to come by to asses Mason, give their opinion,draw more blood for different tests, and then consult w/ each other. In the long run there were really no answers and I did not feel good about any one's opinions until Dr. Saarel, mason's Cardiologist came up to visit today. She knows him best. She feels that the low heart rates yesterday as well as the continued need of more 02 is most likely due to him having very Little reserve to handle his pneumonia. She though he looked good today though.

The good news is each day his CRP (level of infection) has continued to drop and is almost to normal range. Today it was 1.5 and normal is less than 1. Also is chest x-rays showed improvement and his chest ultrasound did not show any fluid outside of the lung like they had thought. They did add some diuretic today to help get rid of any fluid in his lungs. The plan is to switch to oral antibiotics and maybe go home tomorrow! Yeah!

Thank you to all the help at home with our other kiddos, to the meals, to my Dear friend Jean who brought Mason and I lunch yesterday, to our visitors, for all the e-mails, text messages, comments, phone messages, and to Mark for bringing up the kiddos to visit us! Mason just lights up to see his family walk in his room.


queenieweenie said...

oh honey...hang in there!

Keri said...

Sooooooooo sorry Summer girl. I know you must be exhausted and tired of hospital beds.
You are both in my prayers.
I love you tons and am wishing Mason well.
Bisoux to you

Pam said...

Hey there! We came by from I think Owen's blog. We live in UT too, and our little guy Rhett is a heart kiddo as well.

He also has Down syndrome and a plethora of other medical conditions. But he is doing really well right now, and we are so happy with his love for life.

We spent most of last year back and forth up at PCMC with him.

Mason is adorable and we will pray that he is out of the house on the hill soon!! :D

Pam and Rhett

The G Fam said...

Prayers to you! I pray you get home to your family soon!

Michele said...

I'm praying that you will get to go home really soon. Isn't Dr Saarel the best? I'm glad she was able to bring clarity to Mason's sitution. I'll keep him in my prayers.