Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby Grant Needs Your Prayers

While we were up at Primary Children's this last week we met a very sweet little baby and his amazing special parents. This is Baby Grant and he has HLHS like Mason with additional special needs in his heart and other organs. He has had a rough 5 weeks of life and last night had a scary episode of "code blue" which sent him back into the PICU. Oh, how I feel the pain of his parents having seen Mason "CODE" right in front of my eyes more than once! And the emotional roller coaster of trying to get home and then having set backs is so tough! Grant is a strong fighter, but at this time is in need of some extra prayers.


Mason says " keep fighting Grant!! You can do it. We are praying for you."

To read about Grant's amazing journey click on his name in my list of "heart buddies" to the right.

******Mason is loving being back home. Still needing lots of O2 but he's happy and still scooting all over the house.******

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