Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Return of the Concentrator

This is our newest piece of furniture! A beautiful, noisy oxygen concentrator. We all ready got rid of one just like it in December....but Mason's cardiologist called Friday morning(yesterday) and said she wants Mason on oxygen 24/7 to lessen the work load on his heart right now. Within a few hours our new piece of furniture arrived! The only one excited about this was Ammon. To him it is a big new fun toy to turn off and on, to turn the level up and down, and to listen to it beep at him when he disconnects the cord.

Mason wasn't and still isn't happy about this! He cries when I try to put the cannula in his nose. In fact, he screams and yanks it off. He doesn't like the little stickers on his face either which are supposed to help him keep it on . He tries to tear the stickers off! I have yet to succeed! Any suggestions??? The problem is he has never needed oxygen for an extended period of time. We last used it in the fall when he had some bad coughs for a few days at a time. But that was at least 6 months ago. He is not used to it at all! I know he needs it, but how do I get him to keep it on? Poor little guy. I wish he understood it would help him feel better.


Kaidence's Mommy said...

I hate the concentrator! Kaidence is on that at night for her high flow oxygen. We also had issues with her keeping it on. She rips the sticker right off her face and sometimes makes it bleed. I found that you can order these "no no's" online. They aren't fun to make your kiddo wear but after making Kaidence wear them for a couple of weeks at night she learned just not to mess with her O2 and now no longer needs to wear them. I know it is harder during the day but maybe if you start him wearing them at night and easing him back into the O2 he will eventualy leave it alone. Here is the website. Kaidence is magic and started getting out of hers after awhile so I have a few tricks up my sleeve that worked for her if you decide to go this route.

Good luck and hang in there!

Kaidence's Mommy said...

Yes, it is me again. Here is the new website for the "snuggles" ( I guess that sounds better than "no no's" but oh well. When I put Kaidence's O2 on her at night now she says "no no" so I guess the name worked for her.