Sunday, April 19, 2009

Still Fevering at the Hotel

We thought maybe we would have been able to go home today, but Mason's Fever went back up to 102.5 last night and again today to 102.3. So this means he needs to stay on the IV antibiotics a little bit longer. (I hope only a little bit) With his lower heart function on top of only working with just one ventricle it is harder for him to kick the pneumonia. If he has any more fevers they plan to do an ultrasound tomorrow get a better look at the fluid in and around his lungs.

Yesterday his chest x-ray looked the same. Which the docs said was good because a lot of time time the pneumonia gets worse before it gets better. So its better to be the same than worse! His lab work showed that his CRP level (a measure of infection and inflammation in the body) had dropped from 5.4 on Thursday night to 4.9 yesterday. Which is still elevated from where it should be but at least it is dropping. They also too a BNP level (which is a way to measure heart failure, but some cardiologists don't agree with how accurate it is) and it is 628. The normal range is 0-100 and even with his heart disease it should be below 100. So I asked at what point do they hospitalize for heart failure and I was told it varies from case to case, but usually a child that needs to be hospitalized and on IV meds for heart failure would have a BNP around 2000 or 3000. That made me feel better.

Got to go Mason needs me. Thank you for all your prayers!!


Kaidence's Mommy said...

I am glad that at least his CRP is dropping, so that is a good sign. I hope that his little heart will let him get rid of this. I remember Kaidence getting an ear infection with her bad heart and it put her in the PICU for a week. These little ones sure struggle when their hearts are already haveing a hard time. I hope that Mason will get the rest that he and his heart needs. Hopefully you can get out of there this week. Let me know if you need anything.

Michele said...

Oh Summer! I hadn't checked on your blog in a while and it looks like you have had some eventful times in the last little while! I am so sorry. I hope and pray that Mason will continue to improve. I will continue to check in on you. Call me if you need ANYTHING!!

queenieweenie said...

praying for you guys.