Friday, April 3, 2009

One Year Ago Today

A year ago today Mason took his 2nd Life Flight trip to Primary Children's. I called 911 after talking with a nurse from Cardiology. I had called there because I knew something was wrong. His breathing was really different so I had checked his stats and they were about 60 and his heart rate was about 180-210. He also would just fall asleep in my arms after crying for a couple minutes. (This had happened through out the morning). The nurse told me to bring him in and at that moment a very strong feeling came across me that I could not drive him there myself. I was too scared something bad could happen to my little baby on the way there.

So I hung up and called 911! It was a good thing I had called 911, because when the Paramedics arrived he had gone into severe tachycardia. His heart rate was going up to 270 (way too high)! He was very pale and lethargic. The paramedic team decided with Mason's history that he should be Life Flighted to Primary's instead of being taken by ambulance.

With that decision I realized Mason's condition was worse than I thought. Then to top off the excitement of the firetrucks and paramedics at our house, that day, the Life Flight helicopter landed right on our street, almost in front of our house. Anyone home in the neighborhood that Thursday morning gathered on the drive way across from us and watched the paramedics and the nurses rush Mason off into the Life Flight. An unforgettable day in our neighborhood for sure!! And another unforgettable 45 min. drive to Primary's to meet up with my little Mason. Fortunately, after a week stay in the PICU everything turned out okay and we brought Mason back home.

Though I must say, being home tonight as a family this April 3 is much better than where we were a year ago! There is something about Mason and the 3rd day of the month, His first Life Flight trip was on Dec 3, 2007 and then his second was April 3 2008! Hopefully these flights are all in our past now. We prefer to watch them fly over head than to have them land on our street.

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