Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh No! Sick Again!

It had been going just too good to be true..... except for the little runny nose and eye infection 3 weeks ago (which only lasted a few days).....Mason had been so healthy since our last hospital visit. Well, I guess that was only 5 weeks ago, but it was a good stretch for him!! Anyways, Mason got really sick Sunday night. He has an awful bronchitis cough and double ear infections.(What's up with the ear infections? He had tubes placed in April to conquer that problem!!) He has been pretty miserable. Poor little guy, it's just not fair. We try to be so careful and he still gets sick. Though I think I may have been the culprit this time, because last week I was sick with an awful strep throat and flu. Mom's aren't supposed to get sick!!! I thought I was so careful not to spread anything around especially to Mason. Then yesterday Mark came home from work sick too. I guess this is just life at the Strickland's!!

Mason has been working really hard to breathe with all the congestion so I've had him back on O2's. ( And I had been meaning to call home health care to come pick it up, good thing I didn't) Mason coughs so hard right now it makes him gag and throw up, it is so sad. It is so hard when he is like this, because I worry about it causing heart failure. When he gets sick its bad, and so different than my other kids. I thought I worried about my other kids when they were sick, but this is a whole new level of stress.

Hopefully the antibiotics will help him start to feel better soon. And thus maybe Mason and I can sleep in our beds again (& all through the night too, okay that's asking too much), because I've been sitting up with him down in the family room in our comfy "chair & 1/2" all night, because he coughs too hard laying down. Really it's an awesome chair, but not all night and not tangled in the oxygen cord and the pulse ox monitor cord (to check his sats because of the labored breathing). This is all just for my journaling purposes, not for sympathy. Because I know there is much worse going on out there!!!

As for his 9 month check up last week, he weighed 13 lbs 10 oz, length is 25 1/2 in, basically he's in the 3rd percentile. Small, but at least there is growth, that's what counts with a heart baby!

Mason needs my full attention right now, but please say some extra prayers for him this day. We want him better and not back at The Hotel!!!

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B Ginn said...

Thinking of you and Mason often. Get better boy.

Whenever I look at your blog I remeber all the fun times we had together when we were young...just hanging out playing with Krista Mason and then the Jenny Lane years..toilet papering any house we could. You are awesome! Smile.