Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to School

Mason wants to brag a little about his sister and 3 brothers because he loves them so much. Oh how he smiles and giggles when they play with him. They adore and care about him more than I could have ever imagined! I'm pretty sure Mason has wondered this past week why the house has been rather quiet and where all his playmates have gone. Well, they've all gone back to school! The mornings are very crazy getting everyone on their way, but then I think Mason begins to miss his buddies. At least Braiden is still home all morning, he is in PM kindergarten, and helps a lot with Mason. Here are some cute pictures:

Kaitlin, 1st day of 4th grade &
Preston, 1st day of 2nd grade

Braiden, 1st day of Kindergarten

Ammon, 1st day back to preschool, waiting for his bus.

Mason turned 9 months old yesterday. So hard to believe. 1 more month we are so blessed to have him be part of our family. As for an update; he continues to nurse for all his feeds and won't have anything to do with a bottle. I've tried to give him a sippy cup a few times and he just bites on it with his 2 new little chompers! As for the baby cereal thing, I try everyday , and sometimes he does okay, but most of it he just spits out. We'll just keep trying. He'll get it when he's ready. Although, he could use the extra calories. He is still such a little guy!! He rolls really well from tummy to back, and with a little help from back to tummy. He sits with a assistance. And also plays so good with the toys on his swing and exersaucer. Mostly he'd just rather be held still. He's quite spoiled!!

Mason is thinking, "Don't you get it Mom, this baby cereal stuff is yucky!"


Mandee said...

I love his face in that cereal picture! Your kids are all so cute! We love them!

And so jealous of your Sammi! She has impressed all of us- you guys are so lucky to have her!

queenieweenie said...

It's amazing how fast they grow up. We dropped Hailey off at High School today. Scary. I'm glad Mason is doing well.

Simmons Family: said...

Mason looks great...Bappy 9 months!! Owen also wonders why the house becomes silenced when Kamryn goes to school and it's just him and mom. If you get the baby food and bottle thing figured out let me know... what babies don't like food?? At least Mason is nursing and that is fantastic!!