Friday, August 29, 2008

Summertime Survival

Sammi, Ammon, & Braiden going "Bye, Bye"-
(Ammon's all day long request!)

Sammi, Ammon, Kaitlin, Braiden, & Preston

Wow! The summer sure flew by! It was fun, but definitely crazy. Mason had his second surgery and another hospital stay because of a long nasty fever. Ammon went to preschool part time for 5 weeks. Kaitlin , Preston, & Braiden took a week trip to California to stay with their Aunt Tiffany & Uncle Preston where they went to Surf Camp for a week. The rest of the summer we were all home together. How did we all survive, (especially with the needs of Mason to recover well from Surgery)? The answer to that is : SAMMI, my wonderful mother's helper, errand runner, and nanny. I seriously do not know how I would have done it all with out her!!!

My kids have really become attached and we are all sad to lose her. She will still just be across the street (where she lives with her family), but needs to go back to school and continue to work in the nursing field. She is trying to get into nursing school. Which was an extra bonus, having her CNA ,I felt comfortable enough leaving Mason with her when I made quick trips to the grocery store. Sammi would help the kids do their chores and reading everyday and then take them to do something every afternoon. This way Mason and I had a quiet house for a couple hours to nap. They did lots of swimming at the AF pool, took trips to the mall, dollar movies, $2 Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point, playing in the stream at Grandma's & up the canyon, a day at the zoo (thanks to the Primary Children's family pass), Seven Peaks day, and much more. Sammi was so fun for the kids and very creative on my frugal budget.

She would take turns with me when either Mason or Ammon (or both at the same time!) were crying and wanted Mom. She jumped right in like my "tag team" and helped me smooth things out when times were crazy(well, I guess that would be everyday at our house). Ammon now wakes up in the morning asking for Sammi. Which says a lot in itself. She is amazingly patient with him!! All the kids love her! THANKS SAMMI!!!! We hope we can have you back next summer.

Mason is doing well, but we'd all be a little better if he'd sleep more than 1 or 2 hour increments at night (or day for that matter, he doesn't nap well either). He sends his love out to all his heart buddies and his loyal supporters.

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