Saturday, August 2, 2008

Back at the Hotel

Okay, so Mason is back at his favorite hotel, (the only hotel he knows), Primary Children's Medical Center Hotel. His fevers have continued for 13 days now so our Pediatricians and Cardiology decided to admit Mason to the 3rd floor at PCMC for more testing. It is alarming how long his fevers have continued, so they (and us too) want to figure out the cause.

Today, after another echo, chest x-rays, CT images of his heart and lungs, and several blood draws (those awful "mommy sad moments"), the word is "baffled"..... possibly some fluid on the left lung (hmm..we've heard that before) and still an elevated CRP that remains the same....nothing new. They are culturing more blood (and again that can take 72 hours) because the others from Tuesday all showed negative, but something has caused these fevers. It's been a long day for Mason amd Mom too. Hopefully we'll get some rest and the morning will bring him feeling better and some answers too!!!


Mandee said...

Poor little boy... and poor, poor mom. We'll keep you all in our prayers.

DADLARK said...

Summer Girl,

We are always thinking about you kids! We love you and you are in our prayers every night.......and on the Temple Rolls in Newport every week.....

The Larks

Traci said...

Hi Summer,
Miracle Mason was in our morning prayers and we will be thinking of you! We hope you get to check out of the "hotel" soon!

Lots of Love,
Traci and Family

Anonymous said...

I check the blog daily to follow Mason's progress..I think of and pray for you and mason everyday. I know the dr's will figure it out. One thing I am sure you know, you have one strong little boy! I hope you got some rest!



Deb said...

I am always thinking of you and your little guy. I am sure the docs will figure this out. Poor littly guy. You are in my prayers.


Michelle said...

Summer and Mark,
We are praying for Mason and worried about you all! He is a miracle and we know he is strong!
Heart hugs,
Emily and Mike

Jamie said...

Hi Summer,
My little sister in law (who's 11) has to get weekly transfusions at the Primary's. (She has a form of eye cancer). I like how you called it the hotel...I'll have to pass that term along. Plus apparently they have "room service", so that's perfect! Poor little guy! Hang in there! We, like everyone else who's commented, will be praying!

Stefanie said...

We continue to keep you all in our prayers! We hope they find the cause and can get his fever down soon :)

Keri said...

Summer girl,
I am in awe of your strength and sweet love for Miracle Mason...You are both in my prayers.
I wish there was something else I could do. I know that some brilliant doctor will find what is wrong with baby Mason, and he will heal.
If I could only bring you a Hogi Yogi and a hug to your hotel room, there!
I love you, Sum, and wish for peace for you and your family.

Hollie said...

It was really great to meet you this morning at church. Your son's story is inspiring. I hope that they are able to figure out his fevers soon. Good luck!

Gourley Family said...

I left a comment when I was at my mother-in-laws, but it was signed under my Mike's sister's name. I am hoping to coming and see you guys today. Mike and I are coming up this afternoon to see our niece Gracie and are going to try and stop by! We are praying for your family, as are Mike's parents and family. Miracle Mason is just that, truly a miracle!
Heart hugs,
Emily and Mike

Megan Stone De Paoli said...

Summer, I think about you, Mason, and your family ALL the time. I am praying so hard for you. Please know of our love. Meg

Natalie Walden said...

Summer, I heard that Miracle song at a buffet in Vegas this weekend and kind of lost it. (we were there for Ben's 20th High School Reunion) I had to walk around for a minute before I could head back to a table full of people. I hear that song in a very different way now. You have been in our prayers since day one and will continue to be. I hope your sweet little Mason is back home with you and healthy real soon.
Much love to you and your family,

Rachel Lund said...

Strickland have to be a really special family to go through this trial! We have tears right along with you when we read of your sad moments. We hope things improve for little Mason really soon!