Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cute Pictures and Mason's Firsts....

His shirt says, "what's not to like?-
a gift from our super babysitter

All the kids made tie-dye shirts one
day while Mason was in the hospital.
This is Braiden, 5, holding Mason.

Mason loves to suck on his toes!

Mason found some new entertainment.
This exersaucer buys Mom a few extra
minutes now.

Sweet-heart Mason asleep in his swing. (Aunt Meg we love the swing!)

Mason loves being home.

Life has been so busy that a chance to blog has been impossible. I've only been working on this post for over a day now, but interruptions is part of a mom's life! I do have a few little updates about Mason. First and most importantly he has been rather healthy since we've returned from Hotel Primary's. I just won't say that too loud, in hopes for good luck to stay with us.

Mason has had a few FIRSTS this last week and would like to brag about them.
1) His FIRST tooth poked through last Thursday! (& his second this morning, Wed.) He actually surprised me, because he didn't act any differently to hint his tooth was bothering him. Just his usual fussiness at night, but nothing out of the ordinary. Boy a few of my other kiddos would certainly let me know. I guess teething is nothing compared to what Mason's already been through!!!
2) He tried baby cereal for the FIRST time. He was not too thrilled about this and each time I try he still isn't. Time and Patience!! After all he is a heart baby and because of all the nasty medicines he has had to take he thinks he's safe just to stick with Mommy's Milk.
3)For the FIRST time since April, he has gone for a week straight without oxygen day or night!! Yeah! I think the whole family is thrilled about this. I don't miss the 50 foot cord one bit.

I also need to post a special THANK YOU to a sweet person named Hannah and my mystery friend who sent her. Hannah, whom I had never met, called me, introduced herself , and said she and a friend of mine who both watch my blog, thought I could use an extra hand around the house. So, she came on Saturday and helped me for a few hours with some cleaning. She said this was a gift for me and plans to come again. Wow this was so nice. Thank you to Hannah and my friend who wishes to remain onimous. ( I think I have an idea who it is!!! You are awesome!)

Also, thank you to our amazing neighborhood who once again brought our family meals while Mason and I were recently at the Hospital, and even when we returned home!

ps. Blogger's spacing drives me crazy. It has a mind of its own!


Stephanie said...

Those are such CUTE pictures! So glad to hear about all of the fun milestones and about your great friends and neighbors who take care of you guys over are lucky to have them, and they are lucky to have you because I know you would be doing the same exact thing if they needed you!!

Natalie Walden said...

Summer--what great pictures!! He is so cute! I can't believe I've never actually seen him! I'm so glad he's home and doing well now! Hugs and kisses to you all!

Camille Bailey Aagard said...

He is so precious I can't even stand it. Thanks for the update. 11:30 p.m. and still cleaning up from the day's mess. I don't know how you've gone as long as you have without sleep. I would be dracula.

Camille Bailey Aagard said...

I just listened to your entire play list. LOVE IT. Music is so powerful and so cathartic, isn't it? I always cry when I listen to your blog.

Michele said...

Very cute. I am so glad to hear he is off oxygen, wonderful news!! Heres to more and more GOOD news!