Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Free Milk

I know this is strange, but another heart mom had success doing this on her blog, so I am going to try. I have a very full freezer full of breast milk that will expire before Mason will ever use it. He nurses exclusively now and wont take a bottle. But I pumped and froze my milk for several months before he was just nursing. I am about to donate it to a milk bank in Denver, but I'd rather it go to a heart baby or preemie etc... whom I know really needs it. Please post a comment if you or someone you know could use my "mommy milk".

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Simmons Family: said...

Oh I wish Owen could have real breast milk. He's on the AWEFUL's no wonder he won't take a bottle. I tried and tried to breastfeed both of my munchkins but I have "challenged" milk ducts and only get like 1/4 an ounce every couple hours... that's combined. So with Owen we just defrosted like six bottles for one feed and then he wouldn't tolerate it anyhow... kind of a bummer. I'll keep my ears open for someone that might be able to use it. Don't let that liquid gold go to waste.